What Are The Origins Of Gambling

What Are The Origins Of Gambling?

Gambling has existed as a form of entertainment for centuries. It has taken different stages of development for the institution to reach the modern era and become popular. Nonetheless, the industry has been viewed differently by various cultures and religions due to its origins and development.

Most religions and cultures accept gambling as a form of entertainment and a source of income. On the other hand, one of the religions and cultures that have traditionally considered gambling to be taboo is Islam. However, the policy in such previously conservative cultures is slowly shifting in favor of online casinos. Today, in Arab countries it is possible and legal to visit top casino sites such as casinoelarabs.com and play their best games. But who was the creator of gambling? This article discusses the history of gambling and how it has evolved over time.

Who created gambling?

This question has been debated for centuries, and no source can be found to demonstrate who invented gambling. Some sources attribute gambling to the Chinese, while others attribute it to Americans. According to some sources, gambling began in ancient Rome.

Gambling is more of a skill than a game of chance, so determining who invented it is difficult. Because nations had no proper way of knowing each other in ancient times, it was difficult to determine who invented gambling.

Evidence of Gambling in Antiquity

In recent history, Americans, both Native and Northern, would engage in a game similar to knucklebones, as described in the Bible. Going further in history, it is said that during Jesus’ crucifixion, Roman Empire guards wagered over his garments.

Gambling was evident as early as the Paleolithic period, according to this evidence. It was popular during the Achaemenid Empire, the first Persian Empire, and there were traces of it even before that.

Other history books demonstrate that gambling has existed throughout human history. It demonstrates that the first form of gambling originated in Ancient China.

According to the Chinese book “Book of Songs,” tiles were used as a lottery game. The Chinese have a history of using gambling proceeds to fund government projects. Some researchers have also established that the first card game appeared in China in the 15th century.

Dice Rolling

According to the Greek poet Sophocles, dice rolling was invented by a mythical hero during the history of Troy. It was the first type of gambling in Greek history. Other researchers have discovered dice in an Ancient Egyptian tomb dating back to 3000 BC.

Rolling dice as a game of chance was also practiced by the Romans and the Ancient Greeks. They used to wager without using any personal items like possessions. Gambling was widely practiced in Ancient Rome, though it was prohibited after a while.


This card has been used to gamble and is still in use in casinos today. It was first observed in the 14th century when players held two to three cards at the same time. The player with the most cards at the end of the game was declared the winner.

Blackjack and the Little Wheel of Paris

These types of gambling games were first discovered in the nineteenth century. Blackjack was discovered in Spain, while the Paris Little Wheel was discovered in Paris.

The Little Wheel of Paris was later developed into American Roulette and was introduced as a gaming option in various local casinos. Their popularity grew over time, and they were eventually introduced in casinos in Europe and America.

Slot Machines and Poker

There is no precise time when poker originated. However, it is said that the game was created after playing various card games in Persia. Following the World Poker Tournament in Las Vegas which was broadcasted on television, the game gained massive popularity online and more online poker global tournaments have emerged.

Slot machines were created in 1894 by Charles Fey of San Fransisco. The slot machine allows players to participate in a variety of gambling games, each with a distinctive theme. Slot machines have become even more popular in recent decades with the advancement of the internet and exciting online slots.

Gambling as a Mobile Recreational Activity:

Because of technological advancements, most games have been translated online in order to reach a growing market. When the state of New Jersey legalized online gambling, it exploded in America. The legalization wave has spread globally influencing policy changes even in the most conservative regions like the Middle East. Currently, online casinos are sponsoring the majority of contests, and iGaming tournaments.

Final Thoughts

There is evidence that gambling existed in earlier civilizations such as the Roman Empire, where society enjoyed lotteries, dice games, and animal fighting. These primitive forms of gambling were mostly practiced at religious temples during festivals and holidays. As time passed and civilization advanced, more entertainment options emerged, such as public executions and animal fights.

However, the development of banking systems in the 18th century enabled the emergence of paper money and financial transactions. Since then, casino gambling has gained widespread acceptance throughout much of the Western world and beyond.

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