Cricket History

The Funniest and Most Curious Situations in Cricket History

Cricket is a team sport in which two teams of 11 players compete on the field, scoring points by hitting the ball with their bats. Cricket has a long history, dating back to the 16th century in England, and has since spread to many other countries, particularly the former colonies of the British Empire. Cricket is also known for the humorous and unusual situations that can arise during the game. In this article, we will go through the funniest cricket moments in chronological order. It’ll be fun; let’s get started!

20th century

In 1936, when England was playing against India in a Test match, Indian bowler Lala Amarnath dismissed English pacer Walter Robins. Without realizing it, Robin said to the umpire, “Are you sure?”. The referee said, “Sure, you are out, and if you don’t get off the field, I will arrest you”. As it turned out, the judge was a civilian police officer.

In 1947, during a Test match between England and South Africa, English bowler Alec Bedser bowled out South African pacer Dudley Nurse. The nurse attempted to hit the ball but missed and fell to the ground. The ball bounced off his bat and hit him on the head, then bounced into the wicketkeeper’s hands. The judge declared him out, but Nurse argued, “I’m not out; I’m knocked out”.

In 1975, the first Cricket World Cup that was played in England, the West Indies Islands team confronted the Sri Lankan team. Roy Fredericks, the West Indian player, hit the ball so hard that it was carried across the river flowing by the stadium. Fredeicks hit the ball hard and gained 6 points but he lost his balance and fell over the wickets and so was knocked down. It was the time when he became the first player to be eliminated from the game having scored six runs on a single stroke.

In 1987, during a Test match between Pakistan and England, English bowler Philip Edmonds bowled out Pakistani pacer Salim Malik. Malik, unwilling to leave the field, asked the referee to reconsider his decision. The judge refused, but Malik insisted, saying, “Please give me another chance, I’m a Muslim”. The judge responded, “I am also a Muslim, and you are thrown out”.

In 1996, during the Cricket World Cup in India, the Australian team faced off against Zimbabwe. Australian spinner Shane Warne hit the ball so hard that it struck the head of a spectator in the stands. The spectator was startled, but not injured. Warne received six points for his knock, but he also apologized to the spectator by handing over his bat. It’s unclear whether the viewer was a cricket betting fan, but he made history nonetheless. It’s a good thing no one was hurt because betting in the modern world is much safer with online sports betting.

21th century

In 2001 against Australia during a Test match, the Indian cricketer Vangippy Venkatasaiah Raju, commonly known as VVS Laxman, scored 281 runs in an inning. Interestingly, during his shot, he did not realize that he had unintentionally touched Rahul Dravid who was standing beside him. Dravid fell to the ground and the ball went off him and was caught by the Aussie cricketer. The umpire found Dravid guilty of the offense as he could not be seen holding the bat in his hands. Laxman’s heart was heavy too, for he blamed himself for sending his friend away.

In 2009, during a Test match between England and the West Indian Islands, England opener Owen Morgan was bowled out by West Indian bowler Suliman Benn Benn celebrated his accomplishment by shouting and gesturing at Morgan. Morgan refused to remain in debt and confronted Benn with profane language. The referee penalized both players for unsportsmanlike conduct.


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