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Five interesting transfers of 2023 that have already paid off

Despite the active participation of Saudi Arabian clubs in the summer 2023 transfer market, European teams invested significant amounts in players who have already justified their worth.

In this material, we will examine a quintet of such performers whose transfers raised some doubts but ultimately yielded excellent results. On the website https://mosbetindir.com/, you can place bets on matches in all top football tournaments, including individual player statistics.

Guillermo Vicario (Empoli – Tottenham, €18.5 million)

Matches played: 20

Clean sheets: 5

Several English Premier League clubs actively sought a goalkeeper for the next season. While Manchester United acquired Andre Onana and David Raya joined Arsenal, Vicario, for a relatively modest sum of €18.5 million, proved to be a particularly successful transfer for Tottenham. His impressive performances and contribution to the team highlight the value of this acquisition.

It’s surprising that other Premier League clubs did not take notice of Vicario initially. However, a closer analysis of his career reveals why he became Tottenham’s primary goalkeeper and is displaying a high level of play.

James Maddison (Leicester – Tottenham, €46.3 million)

Matches played: 12

Goal contributions (goals+assists): 3+6

Vicario is not the only successful transfer for Spurs. The club also signed Maddison, who seamlessly integrated into Postecoglou’s style of play after Harry Kane’s departure. His contribution to the team is impressive: three goals and six assists in 12 Premier League matches underline his importance in Tottenham’s fight for a top spot.

Declan Rice (West Ham – Arsenal, €116.6 million)

Matches played: 28

Goal contributions (goals+assists): 3+2

Recent examples, with Chelsea being the most notable, confirm that significant transfer expenditures do not always justify themselves. However, Rice has been an exception, justifying his hefty price tag. Arsenal won the competition with Manchester City for Rice’s signature, and his contribution to the team is already evident. Not only has he become a leader in midfield, but he has also scored crucial goals, despite being purchased for a different purpose.

Alejandro Grimaldo (Benfica – Bayer, free agent)

Matches played: 24

Goal contributions (goals+assists): 9+7

The Spaniard showcased impressive skills, scoring seven goals and providing five assists in his first 12 Bundesliga matches. His contribution to Bayer’s success in the Europa League should not be underestimated. Grimaldo has expressed a desire to return to Barcelona, where he began his career. In the event of a sale, Leverkusen could fetch a significant sum, considering the player joined the team as a free agent.

Victor Boniface (Union – Bayer, €20.5 million)

Matches played: 23

Goal contributions (goals+assists): 16+8

Boniface quickly became the leader of Bayer’s attacking line under Javier Alonso. With 16 goals and 8 assists, he already appears to be a potential world-class forward. His adaptation to the Bundesliga has been impressive, considering he scored only nine goals for Union in Belgium last season. Leverkusen stands to gain a lot from his successful performance, especially in competitions like the African Cup of Nations with Nigeria. As of now, Victor is one of the most sought-after footballers in Europe.

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