This is why esports has become so popular

This is why esports has become so popular

There are plenty to choose from when it comes to betting and sports in general, but until recently sports have been somewhat physical. Something that obviously not everyone felt at home in. But after what we probably all know as PC gaming turned into esports where you can really be allowed to shine, many have found their niche in the sport, which is incredibly good. And there are many interesting reasons why this has become so.

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Odds and gambling sparked interest

Playing computer games has been popular since it hit the market many decades ago, but it has become especially popular in the last couple of years. This is partly due to the fact that it has suddenly become more organized, and not least because players can earn large sums of money by being successful at it, just like in sports.

This means that even odds bettors, such as those on platforms like, want to bet on the odds of the different outcomes of these matches. Here are good reasons to just get carried away if you’re already into gaming, because there are just as good opportunities to play and enjoy esports as if you were playing a regular sport.


Industry in development

If you are one of those who are interested in esports, it is interesting to follow the news in this. This is due to the fact that this is a booming industry, which makes it especially interesting to follow the developments happening in the industry.

There are many players themselves who dream of reaching this level, but it will not be possible for everyone, so watching tournaments from the outside is what many want, because their interest in this is not something that can be stopped or not stopped . was able to participate.

Possible star status

There are a lot of people who also want to start playing because they can make a lot of money from it if you really go far. But there are also many who think that celebrity status can be achieved as a star in esports. Playing PC games has always been something that most people may have looked down on, but there are good reasons why they have become so popular.

Today you see that many players who do well are almost as popular as those who play traditional sports, and this is what is causing the interest that the industry is currently generating. Because all of a sudden the whole narrative has been turned upside down and esports is being seen for what it really is, which can only be a positive thing when you look at how it positively impacted players, both in terms of their life opportunities and their sense of self.

Famous disciplines

The main reason for the active interest of spectators in eSports competitions is the spectacularity of such matches, during which you can see a lot of interesting things, including bright special effects. Watching professionals demonstrate their own techniques, proven tactics is quite interesting. Some techniques can be adopted, subsequently applying them during a team or individual game. One of the rather important reasons for the popularity of the esports direction is the opportunity to win a prize that every winner can receive.

Many gamers like the following esports disciplines:

  • Apex Legends is one of the famous games that today has an impressive number of fans;
  • Hearthstone is a well-known game that never loses its relevance. It is noteworthy that serious prize money is allocated for this game;
  • FIFA is another game that has gained a lot of viewership lately;
  • PUBG is a mass game, a modern eSports discipline;
  • Chess. For a long time they did not want to include this game in the list of eSports disciplines. However, at present it is still included in the list of popular disciplines.

About games that are losing popularity

There are a few games that initially had a lot of audience interest, but are now declining in popularity. For example, Siege was once a famous discipline. Many professionals argue that the reason for the decline in the popularity of this game was the lack of prize money. Overwatch is a game that has lost ground significantly. Until recently, it was a major esports discipline. Today the game has moved into the category of small disciplines. Another game losing ground is Rocket League. The popularity of this discipline is not falling too rapidly, but noticeably.

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