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The Role of Social Media in Online Casino Marketing

Online casinos have never been shy about making the best use of technology. From making pretty much every site fully mobile compatible to using streaming tech for live dealer tables, online casinos know that adopting the latest advances online means a better offering to players and a broader potential player base. This also applies to marketing campaigns, which are still done in a more old-fashioned way but are augmented by engagement and ads delivered via social media, which offers some benefits that more traditional types of promotion lack.

Customer Engagement

Competition between online casinos has led them to try and broaden their appeal with great mobile support, generous promos, and slick advertising campaigns. Social media has been around for some time now, and it presents a fantastic way to engage customers and help attract new players to online casinos.

Social media can be used for advertising in a highly similar way to more traditional advertisements, highlighting special offers for the top IGT slots and so on. However, social media accounts can offer far more customer engagement and interaction. This can range from lighthearted banter to helping address questions and problems players have and can help a casino stand out from the crowd. Attaching videos to social media posts is a great way of presenting ‘how to’ tutorials to show potential players how streamlined the process of signing up or opting into special offers can be.

Unique Casino Promotions Through Social Media

Customer support is a crucial aspect of online casinos, as failure in this area can turn profits into frustration if they can’t be withdrawn easily. Likewise, game bonuses are only of value if they can be redeemed. Because of this, casino operators started to use social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The interaction possible via chatting here made it an ideal way to answer customer questions and resolve problems. It was also a perfect avenue for attracting new members via unique promotional opportunities.

Bonuses are normally linked to leading software providers, including IGT, NetEnt, and Microgaming. Popular slots abound with these premium gaming studios, such as the sanguine delights of Immortal Romance or the Nordic mythology of Thunderstruck II by Microgaming. NetEnt’s Conquistador-themed Gonzo’s Quest has been a leading slot for years, and its Mega Joker slot offers an amazing RTP of 99%. IGT’s top slots include the Golden Jungle slot, perfect for fans of exploring the wilds (and its 50 paylines are well above average), while fans of Ancient Egypt will love trying to win Pharaoh’s Fortune. It’s easy to explore the Golden Jungle Slot at Top 10 Casinos and see the game mechanic and its special features for free. Promoting bonuses that are specially tailored to a certain software provider and free spins proved to be a major success for casino operators.

Other Marketing Methods

Social media may be the hot new thing when it comes to marketing, but it’s far from the only string in the bow of online casinos. Advertising remains a mainstay of promoting an online brand, and many major casinos invest in commercials during breaks (particularly during sporting events, which attract many interested in a wide array of betting activities). However, there are a couple of downsides to traditional TV advertising. The first is that the rise of streaming has helped cut down on viewership of ‘normal’ television (though it’s worth noting if anything is immune to that, it’s live sport). The more serious problem is that various nations are more tightly regulated these days thanks to pressure from anti-gambling groups.

This has also affected sponsorship of soccer shirts, including major European leagues such as the English Premier League and others. These steps have not prevented traditional forms of marketing, but they have curtailed them, and the pressure, at the moment, is largely in the restrictive rather than permissive direction.

Influencers – a Double-Edged Sword

Besides using social media advertising in the traditional sense of placing ads there and the more modern way of actively engaging with customers and potential customers via an active set of accounts, there is another option: social media influencers. However, these can be a double-edged sword (just ask Bud Light how things can go wrong). Any social media influencer has to be in tune with the potential audience. Most bettors are men, tending to be younger rather than older. A social media influencer who is also an attractive young lady and a model is a pretty obvious selection when promoting a casino. While not specific to online casinos, avoiding those with strong/controversial political opinions is also good advice, as this might put off as many potential players as it attracts. When targeting adverts on social media, the detailed analytical data helps to identify the audience and enables tailoring of the adverts to appeal to the relevant demographics. An online casino focused on female players is likely to have a very different social media presence and adverts compared to those after the male player base.

Social media advertising is a great way for online casinos to raise their profile and attract new players by benefiting from analytical data to carefully craft ads for the desired demographic.

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