Benefits of Social Media Marketing 

One of the newest and most successful forms of advertising is social media marketing. While many businesses have taken to these apps, others are a bit hesitant. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to get your brand active on social media, here are three benefits you’ll get as a result of this form of marketing.

Access to Analytics

The first benefit you’ll see if you get your business active on social media is easy access to analytics. Social media platforms run on algorithms. These programs push your content to specific viewers and hold it back from others based on viewing history, and when you create an account, you have access to this information. While analytics aren’t the most interesting things to look at, they can give you insight into the success of your advertising campaigns. Many of them sort on views, clicks, and buys, so you’ll be able to hone in on which ads only drew eyes versus which ones made sales.

Another way that these analytics can help you is by identifying trends. While being “trendy” can sometimes be taboo, the simple fact is that trends sell. When you know what type of ad campaigns are trending, you can apply those same guidelines to your own posts. Using these analytics can help you keep an eye on overall business statistics, such as marketing efficiency and sales numbers. When you get active on social media, you get a closer look into how your advertising is really doing.

Better Customer Service

The second way social media marketing can benefit your business is by providing better customer service opportunities. Upwards of 4 billion people worldwide have social media accounts between the multiple platforms available. Many of these users log in at least once a day, with many spending hours scrolling through socials every day. All that time people spend looking at their social media is an opportunity for your business to make a good impression. You have an opportunity to connect with your clients on a more individual level than through other forms of marketing.

Additionally, advertising your brand on social media allows you to solve problems on a more customer-oriented level. When your buyers can simply send you a direct message about an order discrepancy or overcharge, you’ll likely get a higher satisfaction rate than you would if they had to go to a website and chat with an AI before connecting to a customer service rep. This ease of use for your clients will make them feel more at ease, which in turn will lessen their frustration at having an issue. When you have better contact with your buyers through social media, your customer service experiences will improve.

Targeted Advertising

Finally, getting into social media marketing can help you with targeted advertising. When you market through traditional means like TV ads or a radio spot, you don’t have much control over who your advertisement reaches. You can control general metrics like age and gender slightly based on the method you use, but these methods tend to be very broad. With social media marketing, you have far greater management over who sees your ads. The main reason why is because of the analytics that these platforms give you.

When you take a peek at your analytics, you get a rundown of different social groups that viewed your content. Metrics like gender, age, employment, and possibly occupation can all be logged in front of you, allowing you to tailor ads for the people looking for your content the most. For instance, if most of your viewers are women in their 20s, you can continue making ads that target young adult women. Different color schemes, graphics, and narration styles affect different groups uniquely, so don’t hesitate to check your stats after running a new campaign. By having access to detailed analytics, you can push targeted advertisements and bring in more customers.

Overall, social media is a great tool for your business with multiple benefits.

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