The Right Earrings to Wear with Your Face Shape

Not a lot of people realize that you have to choose earrings that suit your face shape. Think about it; your haircut is something that can change the entire look of your face. There are going to be some people that suit having a fringe, while others look great with a middle parting. A lot of this can come down to your face shape.

Well, the same thing goes for earrings. Certain earrings are going to work well with your face shape, while others might bring out features you already dislike. So, if you want to make sure that you choose a flattering style and one that makes you feel more confident, here is a guide to selecting the right earrings to wear. After that you can now shop for unique earrings that suits you!

Square Face

First, let’s start off with a square face shape, which is quite common.  This means that areas of your face are around the same width. For example, this can include the forehead and the cheek. 

For this shape, you want to choose the opposite design for earrings. In other words, you want to select round earrings. The reason for this is that they can soften sharp angles your face may have. In addition, oversized hoops are a favorite for those with a square face. They can add some interest and stand out. To shop for a variety of earrings, head to Queen of Hearts offers a range of styles and designs, with someone to suit everyone’s face shape. What’s more, their earrings are made from 22-karat gold.

Heart Shaped Face

Do you have a heart-shaped face? This description often confuses people. But, essentially, this is a face shape that is going to involve having a round face and a wider forehead. Indeed, many say this is the most beautiful shape to have, and it can resemble the shape of a heart. 

When it comes to earrings, you want to do the opposite of this shape. So, you want earrings that are wide at the base and narrower at the top. This way, you can balance the earrings with your facial features. In particular, this can include wearing teardrop earrings. This will create more attention to the jawline and lower face.

Round Face

When you have a round face, you are going to have wider cheekbones, as well as having a narrow forehead. Your jawline might not be pronounced. Thus, your face is circular. When you have this face shape, you want to choose a style that elongates as opposed to widening the face.

Therefore, those that have a round face should try dangle earrings. This can provide length. In addition, you can shop for long drop earrings too. Again, this can provide the length that can even out a round face ad even help create a slimmer look.

Rectangular Face

Some people will have a rectangular face shape. This means that the length is greater than the width. If you think you have a rectangular face, you will want to be selective with the earrings you buy. Indeed, you are going to want to select a style that is going to widen the face. This avoids looking as if you have a long face.

For example, hoops can be a good choice. In particular, those that are larger in size. This can provide the width you are looking for. You can also try clustered earrings, which can provide interest and color.

Oval Shaped Face

If you have an oval-shaped face, you can consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Indeed, your face shape means that you are going to have a lot of freedom when it comes to your earrings. Almost any style is going to work well for you. So, you can relax and know that certain shapes or sizes are not going to clash with your facial features.

Therefore, if you are someone that likes oversized earrings, you can wear them with confidence. Alternatively, you can choose a dangle style or round earrings. The great thing is that you can experience and see what you like to wear the most.

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