The Future of Canadian Esports

The Future of Canadian Esports

Canadian esports have been developing in leaps and bounds in recent years and after Canadian teams secured slots in the Overwatch and Call of Duty League, the country’s commitment to competitive video gaming is definitely not questioned.  Just like anywhere else in the world, the question is what to do next? Canada has a massive audience when it comes to esports with both aspiring professionals and established organizations playing at the highest echelons of esports.  This allows investors and startups to create a beneficial ecosystem in which Canadian gamers can develop, but for the industry to truly become sustainable, it would need to make sure that all other conditions of its success are met.  Being a professional gamer is one option, yes, but in order to mature properly, esports in Canada will need equal focus on content, social media, event organization, production, marketing, partnerships, and virtually anything that already exists in mainstream sports. This can all start on a governmental level.

Creating the Infrastructure for Future Esports in Canada

The Canadian government has been a fairly good friend of esports. It has never tried to restrict competitions and it has assisted with visas for players. Canada has hosted numerous events of its own, although none of the biggest ones in League of Legends and Dota 2 just yet, but this should be coming fairly soon.  As there seem to be no legal challenges to develop esports further, Canada can do a little more to help with popularizing the gaming industry, and particularly the esports competitive landscape. Part of this is done on an educational level.

Schools and universities in North America are already beginning to rapidly adopt esports both on a professional, competitive level and on a level of event production, commenting and generally creating individuals that would be able to fill the jobs at organizations such as Toronto Defiant, Vancouver Titans, and Luminosity Gaming to name just a few.  Involving more players on a school and college level can really help Canada find new talent in the ecosystem and even help innovate it. Esports is still maturing and while it’s far from reaching the same status as sports, competitive video gaming is certainly aiming high. With so much interest going into esports, there have been some interesting developments of late, including mounting interest in esports betting.

Esports Betting Tips for Beginners

So, esports betting is definitely happening in Canada. This brings us to our next question: how do you place a bet on esports if you are interested in it? Well, for starters, you can start by finding out more about betting and how it works.  It’s actually very easy to get involved in esports betting. What you need to do is just follow a basic logic and sequence of events. Here is how it works:

  • Pick an esports betting site you can trust
  • Bet on the esports and teams you know
  • Place simple bets and don’t take risks
  • Stick with small sums and have fun

If you want to bet on Canadian esports teams, you will find that it’s very easy to do so. In fact, the Canadian esports available today are known the world over and you have certainly heard about them. If you are new to esports betting, for example, you will be better off with a game that you understand.  This could be a new title such as Valorant or Overwatch, or something that you have been following for years such as StarCraft II and Counter-Strike. It really doesn’t matter all that much so long as you remember that esports betting is fun and you should make sure you are enjoying the experience first and foremost.

Does Betting Have a Place in Canadian Esports?

The short answer is – yes. Canadian esports fans love to try and guess which team will win the next event. You will find the experience very enjoyable and as such, we recommend that you get to know a few things more about how esports betting works.  Canada will seek to regulate esports betting, naturally, to guarantee consumer protection and reliable betting options. Beyond the esports betting aspect of competitive video gaming, though, Canada will benefit from encouraging esports on collegiate and high school levels.  It’s there that esports can truly take off, training ambitious young men and women who are looking to make sure that competitive video gaming continues to grow and gets the attention it deserves in the first place.

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