How To Sell Ringtones Online and Make Money?

Musicians or music lovers can take advantage of smartphones by creating ringtones. You can even sell ringtones online and earn some side income. Today, people adore personalized things even the ringtone for their cell phones. They can either be a snippet of sounds, recordings, or music. It becomes the signature and ID of their phone. It even reveals their musical taste and unique personality. 

In this digital era, there is a need for a well-oiled tech pipeline to ensure that the release is available across all platforms and global listeners on the release day. The majority of DSPs don’t support direct music upload but have some distributing companies as their partners forcing artists to go via a third party. It is because the DSPs don’t want to deal with artists directly as it is challenging for them to handle royalty payouts and unstandardized metadata. 

So, artists use a reliable digital music distributor to have their albums or songs distributed across popular streaming services like Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. 

Artists can technically upload and sell ringtones on iTunes, but Apple recommends choosing music distributors. It ensures that the metadata suits the needs of the platform. Artists need to ensure and create ringtones that are innovative and not copied. 

Tips to create genuine ringtones 

  • Research ringtone types people prefer. Chart music is preferred but you cannot sell it due to copyright issues. Browse across ringtone websites to see which music or sound is popular. 
  • Download audio editing software from the internet and install it.
  • Artists can upload their created music tunes to edit. Add musical instruments, and beats or digitalize using a variety of tools available on the audio editing software.
  • Choose a 20-second track to slice. Crop and cut slices with a cropping tool.
  • Download free voice recording software and install it. Record short messages or poetry and open audio editing software for making voice computer generated.
  • Test this best song part on your mobile phone before publishing it for sale. 
  • If you have a website or blog that offers ringtones in exchange for an email address. It allows you to offer subscribers new ringtones at fair prices. 
  • Promote ringtones on social sites and invite followers to visit your website or blog. 

Artists can transform their song’s catchy notes and make a ringtone of around 20 sec and edit it. To get your music on Apple Music, you will need to find a reliable online music distribution company. The same applied to selling ringtones on online streaming and downloading services. 

Ringtones can be used not just to earn money, but it will help to promote the new album. If you have printed a CD then you can give ringtones for free. Homemade ringtones are a great promotional tool with the capability to generate income. However, never use someone else’s product because there can be legal repercussions. Never encroach on someone’s music without legal approval. 

MusicDigi can help to distribute and sell ringtones on popular platforms. You will not need to feel concerned about ringtone promotions. It is also a platform that helps to sell music online at $59.99 annually. You can upload an unlimited amount of music, which means no looking back in uploading innovative ringtones. 

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