A Brief History of Converse – From Basketball to Streetwear

What do you consider to be the most iconic piece of footwear? From classic Air Jordans to Adidas Stan Smiths, the history of fashion has been littered with iconic shoes and sneakers. But if you are a fanatic or an aficionado, do you know why the Converse shoe holds such a coveted spot?

From punk icons to streetwear staples, we can give you the lowdown. Below, we discuss the Converse history you must know.

A Converse History: The Beginning

The most iconic Converse shoe, the Chuck Taylor, has been around for almost 100 years. These days, you can browse Converse One Star and related brands for hours on end, looking at the limited editions, and variations in design and materials. Yet in 1908, it started with one man: Marquis Mills.

Starting life as a basketball shoe, the design by the company owner featured a robust rubber construction, which is still found in the toe caps and soles today. With a canvas upper, both elements would define what Converse was. click here for more info from Discord

At this point in history, the concept of leisure shoes was practically unknown. But due to the soaring popularity of basketball, the shoe idea soon caught on, with Converse leading the way.

Chuck Taylor

In an early form of sports sponsorship, product manufacturers would create teams to advertise their clothing and send them around the country playing in games. The Converse All-Stars were headed by Mr. Charles “Chuck” Taylor, who would later have the famous shoe named after him.

This was a well-earned accolade. Chuck would get the team around the US to play games, then put on training and showcases for the players and coaches afterward.

These events would stick in the mind of all those involved in the game. Afterward, Chuck would take them down to the store to purchase their basketball footwear. When he left, years later they would still remember him and look to Converse as the only basketball shoe worth wearing.

The Sixties Onwards

From the sixties onwards, the sneaker brand faced stiff competition from companies like Nike. Its popularity at the top of the market started to wane, though it retained popularity in several underground subcultures giving it a new level of cool. The low-profile All-Star shoe became a symbol of counterculture, while the punk scene of the late seventies saw a resurgence.

However, by the nineties sales, were grinding to a halt and by 2003, the company was filing for bankruptcy. Seeing the potential in the brand and its rich history, rival Nike bought the firm.

Since then, they have revitalized the license. With new Converse collabs and bright designs, Converse is a sneaker looking both to the past and a bright future.

The Future of Converse

Converse history is rich and has made the brand essential in popular culture. From nineties hip hop to fifties beatniks, it is a design that oozes character, innovation, and cool. Few footwear brands can claim the awareness it has.

If you found this article helpful, we have many more to assist in your fashion choices. From high tops to t-shirts, we can help you get on trend for the coming season.

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