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Why Buying a Tesla Model 3 is worth It

The Tesla Model 3 is like the Apple iPhone of the motoring world. It’s made high-tech electric cars cool and popular for the mainstream by delivering a satisfying balance of affordability, user-friendliness and sensational performance. The Model 3 operates like a smartphone on wheels, with most functions controlled via a 15-inch touchscreen. It takes a bit of acclimatization but is intuitive and no more distracting than infotainment systems found in rival cars.


The Model 3 is an excellent car for keeping people safe, which should be the most important thing to consider when choosing a new vehicle. It has a great combination of active and passive safety features. The Model 3 is still one of the cheapest EVs available; you can sit inside it with your foot down and listen to a faint hum as everything passes you by in a whirl. Think about getting one of these Model 3s for a fraction of the cost of a supercar! If riding in a tech-heavy car doesn’t make you want to vomit, the used Tesla Model 3 for sale is one of the finest car deals. It also has an amazing ability to hit the brakes if it senses that you might not be able to react in time. The vehicle boasts an impressive frontal crash protection score of 96 percent and a top-tier 74 percent score for protecting vulnerable road users.

The electric sedan’s standard ‘Basic Autopilot’ suite includes front and rear auto emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane-centering assist, and blind-spot monitoring. You can upgrade to Enhanced Autopilot for $6,000, which adds navigation on Autopilot, auto lane change and self-parking, or the $15,000 Full Self-Driving Capability suite that Tesla says will enable fully hands-free driving. However, those systems have earned Tesla a fair amount of controversy because of how they have performed (or didn’t) in dangerous crashes.


With the automotive world rapidly converting to electric propulsion, Tesla is still leading the pack. Its latest Model 3 compact sedan offers even more impressive technology, performance and ease of use. Like other EVs, there’s an instant power surge when you press the accelerator. That’s augmented by the car’s regenerative braking, which recharges its battery on deceleration. The 2023 Model 3 has a single-motor configuration that delivers 211.0 kW (about 283 horsepower).  The 2023 Model 3 has a jaw-dropping 15-inch touchscreen that shows your driving data and lets you control vehicle functions. It’s also full of clever Easter egg content, video games and other features that make it fun. Over-the-air updates add more useful functionality to the system as time passes. Tesla’s Autopilot is a game changer. Its traction control systems are eager, so you can confidently accelerate and corner at speed without worrying about sliding. However, the disconnect between the near-silent motor and its mind-blowing performance can sometimes be jarring.


A big draw for the Model 3 is its impressive EPA-estimated driving range. The rear-wheel drive base Model 3 can go 258 miles on a charge, while the dual motor models get closer to 340 miles. However, these figures do not necessarily indicate real-world performance as the battery ages and the car is driven under varying conditions. The basic EV also features Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system, which can help the car stay within its lane and maintain a set distance from the vehicle in front of you. It can also accelerate and brake under certain circumstances, although you must always keep your hands on the wheel. It would help to upgrade to the Premium connectivity package to use the full self-driving feature. It costs $10 per month after a complimentary period, and you’ll also need to pay for the car’s full warranty coverage. These fees are steeper than you’d find with many competitors in this price segment. The cheapest Model 3 still has a spacious, well-appointed cabin and is decent to drive. Its pedal one-pedal driving system feels natural and is more user-friendly than the systems found in rival EVs.


The Tesla Model 3 is a reliable electric vehicle. Its instant torque and seamless acceleration feel similar to traditional cars with internal-combustion engines, and the Model 3’s regenerative braking can help you slow down without using the brake pedal. Its hefty battery pack under the floor and low center of gravity give it a responsive and stable ride. And its slick steering wheel-mounted controls allow you to change gears, adjust the throttle, and use a ‘Track’ drive mode for thrilling stability in tight corners. In the 2023 Tesla Model 3, most vehicle and infotainment functions are controlled through a 15-inch touchscreen in the dashboard. It is a departure from traditional cars, and it may take some getting used to at highway speeds as you’re tempted to tap the touchscreen while your eyes should be on the road. Fortunately, most Tesla owners rarely need to touch the screen. Over-the-air software updates constantly introduce new features for the Model 3. These include charging and driver-assistance upgrades and novelties such as arcade-style games.


The 2023 Model 3 adds a more spacious rear seat, new exterior styling elements, a stalkless steering wheel set-up, and longer-range LFP batteries for its Long Range and Performance models. The base rear-wheel-drive Model 3 RWD also gets a more reliable 16-volt lithium-ion auxiliary battery, premium audio speakers, and a more comprehensive Full Self-Driving Capability package that now controls traffic lights and stop signs in addition to the adaptive cruise control system. But despite these updates, the Tesla Model 3 remains one of the least expensive cars on the market. It provides a relaxing, roomy cabin and an enticing balance of precise handling and quick acceleration. Plus, Tesla’s over-the-air software upgrades can continually enhance the car’s functionality with little additional cost.

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