The fashion industry moves quickly, and trends come and go quickly. We all enjoy choosing trends to include in our season’s lookbooks. Regardless of how swiftly fashion changes, one thing endures: the classic contemporary style. Anyone can attempt it, and those who fully grasp the technique can consistently get the desired aesthetic. The sort of jewellery you wear with your attire plays a crucial role in creating the ideal contemporary style, be it with sarees or with modern clothes. Your choice of necklaces can radically alter how you look, from bold to gentle, refined to grunge.

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So, here are a few sorts of fashionable necklaces that are currently in style to test the look in a cost-effective, sustainable, and easy way. They will help you nail that modern, contemporary look and give your contemporary style the much-needed edge. 


  1. Oxidise to Romanticise –  Opt for a silver oxidised necklace with motifs and distinctive shapes for a stunning yet understated look. They can quickly convert a basic outfit into a fashionable one. Its adaptability is endless; wear it with a saree, kurta, or an all-denim ensemble. Oxidised necklaces might have an all-metal appearance or have chains made of cloth or beads. These Bridal Necklace Set complement outfits with dark tones effectively.
  2. Dainty Diva – Simple gold/silver pendants and chains are one item of neck ornament that has been fashionable for decades. These are made up of a short chain and a little pendant made of the same material that is occasionally set with stones. They are ideal for a contemporary, sophisticated, feminine look when you want to effortlessly upgrade your attire.These necklaces go well with clothing that has big prints or patterns, but they can also be worn with items that have gold or silver accents.
  3. Chunky Chains – Combining contemporary, massive chains with conventional, Indo-Western apparel to make a dramatic statement is another well-liked fashion trend. This item can instantly make any ordinary ensemble more edgy and contemporary by adding that extra oomph element.They come in a variety of hues, including pastels and clear acrylic, or can be matched as a metallic gold, bronze or silver statement item.
  4. Layer it up – When putting together a fashion style, the adage “the more the merrier” can also be used. Although it is a risky stage that requires significant skills, when done correctly, it can level up your wardrobe.Numerous varieties of layered necklaces exist. However, using layered metallic chains with characteristic acrylic pendants or stones or even layered oxidised chains with tiny beads or motifs is advised for more contemporary styling.
  5. Pretty pearls – Despite their reputation for being elegant and high-class, pearls may be fashioned to add a contemporary touch to any simple outfit. The secret is to employ larger pearls or layers of pearls with pendants made of crystal or natural stone as the focal point. This item looks great with bright colours and in corduroy, satin or denim work casual styles. These necklaces can also be worn with a leather outfit for an edgier appearance.
  6. Charming Chokers – The choker is a timeless neck accessory that appeared and never went away. Bridal Choker Set are an essential accessory to take your modern appearance to the next level, whether they are made of satin, leather, or oxidised silver. You can choose a thin chain choker to go with your attire for a polished appearance, but a natural stone centrepiece choker with a fabric or stone chain can be used to create a stronger statement. Chokers can be used to draw attention to your neckline and complete the elegant modern look.
  7. Go with Gemstones – The gemstone necklace is a pretty unique piece of jewellery to add to your collection. Any attire can be instantly made more stylish and elegant by adding a garland of gems made of vivid, vibrant, and pastel stones. The Russian emerald tumble oval stone necklaces that actress Nayanthara wore even to her day wedding are a well-known example.

These stones are a must-try for individuals looking for unique designs because they are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and hues, including deeper tints.

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Although there are countless options, it is understandable that for some, the sheer number of choices could seem overwhelming given that jewellery can occasionally be on the pricey side. It can also be incredibly upsetting when you spend a lot of money on something and it doesn’t end up fitting your style. For first-time users, purchasing everything at once could also be impractical. The answers to these concerns are fairly straightforward.

First, you can test out several necklaces before you decide to buy one by renting them from local stores and online. Rent n Flaunt is a brand that lets you rent the best designer jewellery online, and with the utmost care taken over each piece, you are presented with bridal jewellery sets of top-notch quality. Having a versatile option in every wedding trousseau. it’s your one-stop for that big fat Indian wedding

Since we must make mindful purchases as consumers to protect the environment, what could be better than when you can do it without sacrificing your sense of style? It’s never been more enjoyable to dress up.

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