Incredible ChatGPT analogs

Incredible ChatGPT analogs

In 2023, we are fortunate to see a real boom in the popularity of chatbots – virtual interlocutors whose role is played by artificial intelligence. In the last six months, they have become significantly brighter. And at the forefront of this wave is the famous ChatGPT, which can write poems, code, and even a thesis and sometimes does things on the verge of science fiction.

However, in the shadow of this giant were several much less popular bots, which can also flash their brains. At such bots, you can ask for clarification of information, like the casinos in india, profitable slots online, or compose a promotional verse – it all depends on your imagination and needs. So it makes sense to understand what these chat analogs can do, what situations can be helpful, and in what components they have yet to catch up with their big brother. So today, we will analyze the most interesting AI, similar to ChatGPT.

What is Chat GPT, what can it do, and what’s wrong with it?

ChatGPT is the most famous and popular at the beginning of 2023 chatbot – a virtual interlocutor with machine learning, capable of processing a user’s text requests, providing helpful information, conducting a dialogue with him, and writing large segments of logically meaningful text. The current version of the service is GPT-4, capable of solving any problem in English. And in fact – not only in English.

What can I use ChatGPT for? Again, the list of possibilities is vast.

  • The bot can write a piece of program code;
  • an advertising slogan;
  • a small ad;
  • an essay;
  • or even a thesis on a given topic.

ChatGPT brilliantly copes with an understandable explanation of complex terms and acronyms, translation from different languages, a detailed description of various items, searching challenging to find information on the web, and its qualitative structuring. Thus, with each user, the chatbot communicates in an individual order, remembering their past requests and reactions. And some experts seriously believe that communication with ChatGPT can be an effective therapy, like a session with a psychologist or psychoanalyst.

Chatbot for advertising: Writesonic

The Writesonic website proudly describes this chatbot as a ChatGPT with superpowers. It is partly true – we see a neural network similar to ChatGPT, and several features of this service are beyond even its big brother. First, Writesonic has access to current search engine data, which ChatGPT lacks. Secondly, there is a choice of different templates, pre-sharpened for specific needs: for example, one of the neural network versions is the best for writing logically complete paragraphs of text, the other is an authentic and catchy product description for advertising, the third provides the most accurate definitions of any terms or acronyms.

There are many variations of templates, and most of them are very applied, but in general, the service is most designed for use in the marketing field. It even has unique templates for adverts on social networks and a separate mode that includes a “call to action” in the response, which is indispensable in advertising. Although it accepts requests in other languages, it diligently translates them and generally does not miss the context. The free version allows you to get up to 10,000 words a month from the bot; the paid rates cost $ 13.

Creative bot for creative people: Rytr

What if you need an AI to write texts, not for advertising, but to have some creativity in them? Our following ChatGPT analog called Rytr comes to the rescue! According to the idea of the authors, it is designed to help in the field of creativity, art, and other amateur activities. The bot can write scripts, synopses of the plot, blog posts, short articles on a given topic, descriptions for videos on social networks, and even interview questions, as well as art stories, poems, and lyrics!

You can also use the tool for the same marketing purposes. For example, if requested, Rytr will provide a colorful product description or an advertising text with a compulsory call to action. In short, it is a genuinely multifunctional generator of texts that can give battle to the same ChatGPT in many components. The free plan allows you to get the bot up to 10,000 characters per month, but for more, you have to pay a subscription fee of 9 dollars.

Better than Google: Poe

A chatbot from the popular Quora service designed for convenient search for information on the web. It should not be perceived as a substitute for Wikipedia, but it can quickly become a full-fledged substitute for search engines in certain situations. The bot is best used to get answers to specific questions. What sights to see in a particular city? How is this or that word translated from German? What ingredients are in a dish you like? Which is your favorite band’s album that has stayed on the charts the longest? Poe can tell you all that in seconds.

To its credit, it’s worth noting that, like ChatGPT, it monitors the context of the conversation and considers his responses to previous requests from the user. Moreover, it can be accustomed to present information in your preferred form and even play word games! But unfortunately, the service is designed exclusively for Apple devices. But if these limitations are acceptable to you, you will find a convenient pocket guide that can support the conversation in Poe.

Smart bot in your browser: Neeva

Of all the alternatives to ChatGPT presented in our top, this service is one of the easiest. That’s because it’s installed as a plug-in directly into the most popular browser Google Chrome on your PC, iOS, or Android – no need to download any programs. All of its capabilities are manifested in the Google search results: the bot processes the user’s request, checks the information with the most reliable sources, eliminates all advertising garbage from the output, and displays the most critical information at the top of the web page. At the same time, the information will be strictly personalized, and you can customize it with a convenient rating system. Moreover, Neeva will promptly tell you the correct address or course of action in an emergency.

Need more reasons to try Neeva right now? Then add to all of the above that the service remains completely free to this day. The authors make money on merch and paid subscriptions, but all key bot features will be available at no cost and perpetually.

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