Assam State Lottery – 9 Pointers To Consider While Betting

In a lottery, the winning numbers are selected at random. While some governments outright ban lotteries, others actively support them, even going so far as to host a state or national lottery. Typically, lotteries are subject to some form of governmental regulation. The most prevalent regulation prohibits sales to minors, and stores require a license in order to sell lottery tickets. Lotteries were popular in the United States and a few other countries in the 19th century, but by the beginning of the 20th century, most gambling activities, including sweepstakes and lotteries were outlawed in the US, most of Europe, and a large number of other countries.

A lot of different people are drawn to the trend of trying their luck with lotteries, which involves people from every age group. India with the 2nd largest population has the world, has got many people who want to try their luck with lotteries but out of 28 States in India, only 13 have legalized lotteries, and Assam is one of them. There are 13 different legit lottery schemes that are being offered by the State Government and managed fairly by Bodoland Territorial Council in Assam. If you are looking forward to trying your luck to be one of the Assam Lottery Winners, here are a few pointers so you can understand Assam State Lottery in a better way.

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1. No Online Lottery Tickets Available:

To avoid bias, the tickets are only sold by approved dealers. Rigging is impossible, and the numbers are chosen at random during the draw. Results are made public on the official website, and winners who successfully claim their rewards receive them. Consequently, we can presume that playing the Assam Government lottery draws is secure. With all the developments in technology, it makes sense that players would explore ways to play the Assam State Lottery online, but at the moment there aren’t any.

2. Possibility Of Fake Tickets:

Assam may be the only state with a spotless history out of the 13 States in India that operate government lotteries. The State has comparatively fewer cases of scams, fraud, fraudulent tickets, and cheating. But it’s always a good idea to be aware of the dangers. The situation is made worse by fake tickets in use. It is really difficult to get your ticket money back. Another aspect is the players’ reluctance to recover it due to the low ticket price.

3. Online scammers are active.

Online lottery ticket purchases are popular among Assam’s lottery players. As a result, con artists looking to defraud them can be found online as well as physically, selling bogus tickets. They run websites that appear to allow you to purchase lottery tickets using well-known payment options including VISA, MasterCard, UPI, and IMPS. There, take care! None of them are authorized or legitimate. Such websites operate unlawfully and have an easy way to defraud you of your money. Let me give you an example without using any names.

4. Results On 2 Different Websites:

There are two different websites for the Assam State lottery results, on which the results are shared after every draw. The issue is, both websites have different scheme draws divided among them, so while checking your draw, you have to make sure you are looking for the right scheme.

5. There Are No Ticket Price Discounts:

The Assam lottery tickets cost a pitiful 2 each for the current  Kumaran, Kuli, Nallaneram, Singam, Swarnalaxmi, Mani, Vishnu, Vairam, Rosa and Lion draws. Tickets for Thangam and the Deer Series are six rupees each. The Future Series ticket, which costs INR 7, is the most expensive one available for Assam lotteries. There is no discount, even if you purchase numerous entries.

6. Meagre Prizes Are Awarded In Assam State Lottery Drawings:

The Assam Lottery Department awards 102–132 prizes for 4–6 spots for each draw. Depending on the lottery you play, the first reward is given to one winner and often runs from 25 lakhs to 1 lakh. The winning sum, however, could go up to and beyond 10 lakhs on extraordinary days.

7. Syndicate betting is not an option:

Standard lotto play is the only thing allowed in the Assam State Government lottery draws. You get a different set of 6 numbers printed on each ticket you buy. Here’s an illustration: 244240. You would win the top reward if this combination matches the one that is drawn in the precise order. During the draw, additional prizes are given out for matching 5-digit and 4-digit number combinations.

8. You Cannot Bet on a Draw’s Results:

In Assam the results of state lottery draws are not yet bet on; they are quite simple. Only those who purchase physical tickets are eligible to take part in the draw officially. Now, Assamese citizens will acknowledge that not everyone can physically attend the State Lottery Department or, for that matter, a nearby ticket retailer.

9. There is no transparency on the use of funds:

Although it may not directly affect you as a player, lack of transparency is a critical problem that you should keep in mind if you ever consider participating in the Assam paper lottery. Your purchase of the tickets and the taxes withheld from your winnings both go toward filling the State Government’s coffers with cash. The Director of State Lotteries then distributes a portion of the net revenues to various Assam organizations that aim to improve the state’s population.

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