Choosing a Package Design That Reflects Brand Value

5 Tips for Choosing a Package Design That Reflects Brand Value

Most people start packing the goods because they have to be protected during transit. However, with the passage of time packaging has evolved into a critical element of brand identity. These days people not only want reliable and high-quality products, but they are also looking for a great unboxing experience. For instance, a watch packaging company has to pack its products in a top-class manner. This is apart from the actual product that must be top-quality as well. Apple clientele loves their products because they are developed with UX and detail in mind. The unboxing experience for them is terrific. Let’s look at the ways of selecting the right packaging design for your products to build a great brand image.

  1. Explore the alternatives: First and foremost, you must have a good understanding of the available alternatives. You can find a ton of solutions in the market these days. Some of them are affordable and straightforward while others are premium and more expensive. The packaging you select depends a lot on the kind of consumers you are looking for. After picking one of the alternatives, make sure that you are making some changes to it to call it your own. For instance, a cannabis packaging company must not opt for a commonly-used design because you cannot call it your own. if none of the alternatives available work out for you get something designed.
  1. Select a theme: The packing theme of your package depicts how consumers perceive your products. If you are using a minimalistic and simple design it is likely to appeal to a mature audience. If the design has a lot of colors and artwork in it, teens and kids will love it. Just ensure that you are selecting a theme that aligns with the target audience perfectly. In case you are having some difficulty in selecting inspirations for the packaging you need to explore the option of partnering with other businesses. This can add to the brand value if you can get any innovative packaging ideas that speak about the quality of your products.
  1. Incorporate your color palette: Almost all e-commerce stores, brands, and other kinds of organizations maintain specific color palettes on their sites and social media accounts. Many of these stores will also have a monochrome theme with white, black, and grey colors. However, the color palette is still available. You need to shout about the brand voice the moment a customer lays eyes on your product. This can be done by incorporating a proper color palette over the packaging. If the user takes off the wraps provided by the packaging company, he will get to see the brand colors. This must invoke a feeling of seeing a premium brand.
  1. Opt for something unique: At this point, you can rest assured that most of the customers have seen almost all kinds of packaging available out there. But the companies that go above and beyond the routine for designing their products well, usually stand out. In case you see the unboxing videos of some products from a brand on YouTube, you will immediately see how people appreciate the products that arrive with premium packaging and unique features. For example, most Apple products are famous for their plastic packaging that can be removed without a knife. Try an idea such as this for your packaging.
  1. Talk to the clientele: Many brands and stores have started using a trend that includes a welcome note in the packaging of their products. Although it is not mandatory to include this in the packaging, it provides an upper hand in the competition. If a customer gets to read a welcoming and warm note after buying something from you, they get a feeling of being a part of a great organization. Keep in mind that chatbots have become critical for businesses to automate their social interactions. These chatbots can be incredibly useful in customer service especially because human service is not available many times.


Developing a great brand image is a gateway to your long-term success. The product packaging plays a significant role, in how well your different products will be perceived, by the consumers. We have provided 5 tips for improving the package design and attracting the customers to build a great reputation for your company.

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