Happy Home Paradise DLC in Animal Crossing

A Beginner’s Guide to the Happy Home Paradise DLC in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Happy Home Paradise DLC brings a whole new design experience to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As the resident representative, you can flex your interior design skills by designing vacation homes for villagers on islands known as the archipelago. There’s so much to explore in this paid DLC, from collecting Poki to unlocking items, learning new design techniques, and meeting special characters like the Paradise Planning team of Lottie, Niko, and Wardell. This beginner’s guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with Happy Home Paradise.


  • Happy Home Paradise Release Date and Price
  • Getting Started on the Happy Home Paradise Islands
  • Learning Design Skills for Vacation Homes
  • Unlocking Facilities around the Archipelago
  • Collecting Poki Currency to Purchase Items
  • Meeting the Paradise Planning Team like Lottie and Wardell

Happy Home Paradise DLC Release Date and Price

The Happy Home Paradise DLC was released on November 5, 2021, as the first and currently only paid DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It was announced during the Animal Crossing Direct on October 15, 2021, and could be pre-ordered ahead of release for $24.99. You can also access Happy Home Paradise with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership, which runs $49.99 for an individual membership or $79.99 for a family plan. This gives you access to Animal Crossing DLC along with other Nintendo 64 and Genesis games.

With the huge success of New Horizons selling over 26 million copies, a paid DLC was highly anticipated by fans eager for new content. Happy Home Paradise exceeded expectations by adding a completely new design experience unlike anything seen in previous Animal Crossing games. Fans were excited to create vacation homes for island villagers and decorate them to their wildest dreams!

Getting Started on the Happy Home Paradise Islands

Once you install the DLC, Tom Nook will invite you to visit an island archipelago to meet the Paradise Planning team. This kicks off the beginning of your design career, as you take on requests from clients to decorate vacation homes tailored to their style. Here are some beginner tips:

  • Talk to Niko to learn the basics of designing Vacation Homes
  • Collect design techniques like partition walls and soundscapes to expand options
  • Invite villagers from your island or scan amiibos to make guests for the homes
  • Use the Happiness Check meter to see if the home fits the client’s requests
  • Earn Poki currency to unlock items and expand your inventory

It may feel intimidating at first, but Niko will ease you into the design experience and Lottie will provide suggestions if you get stuck. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll design stunning vacation homes in no time!

Learning New Design Skills

A major part of Happy Home Paradise is learning new design techniques you can use to make incredible vacation homes. These include adjusting lighting, adding soundscapes, building partition walls, and more. Here are some top skills to unlock:

  • Partition Walls – Divide rooms and create privacy
  • Pillars – Support multi-level designs
  • Polished Furniture – Shiny finishes like new
  • Counters – Useful for kitchen and bathroom designs
  • Soundscapes – Set backgrounds like ocean waves
  • Ceiling Decor – Deck out the ceiling with lights

To learn skills, you must design facilities after reaching certain designer ranks. For example, unlock counters by designing a restaurant. You can then use these design techniques on vacation homes and bring some back to decorate your island!

Unlocking Facilities around the Archipelago

Outside of designing vacation homes, you can also build facilities to unlock even more features. These include:

  • School – Teach design techniques like lighting
  • Restaurant – Unlock cooking counters
  • Cafe – Provides food boosts while working
  • Hospital – Learn to craft hyacinth lamps
  • Apparel Shop – Customize clothing with pro designs

You must reach certain design ranks to unlock facilities by completing vacation homes. For example, build up to Rank B to unlock the restaurant. These facilities give you new design skills, items for homes, and places to invite clients. Building your Paradise Island infrastructure expands design options.

Collecting Poki Currency

Completing requests for vacation homes earns you Poki, a special currency used in Happy Home Paradise. Poki can be exchanged for exclusive furniture and items to use in your designs. Talk to Wardell to cash in Poki and expand your design catalogue.

Some of the best items you can unlock with Poki include:

  • Food Items – Cakes, frozen treats, and more to decorate kitchens
  • Gaming Items – Arcade machines, sports gear, and electronics
  • Home Appliances – Fridges, kitchenettes, and other interactive items
  • Accent Walls and Floors – Unique designs like sci-fi walling

With the Poki you earn, you can purchase items, features like more design techniques, and even additional slots for furniture inventory. Completing homes faster and racking up client happiness boosts your Poki income.

Meet the Paradise Planning Team

A friendly cast of characters joins you in Happy Home Paradise. Get to know some key team members:

  • Lottie – An expert designer who guides you through requests
  • Niko – Teaches the basics of designing vacation homes
  • Wardell – The laidback boss who manages operations
  • Leif – Provides landscaping services with bushes and flowers
  • Nat – Collects bugs to decorate vacation homes with

As you befriend the Paradise Planning team, they will offer tips on how to improve your design skills and provide feedback on completed homes. They are always there to lend a hand!

Creating vacation homes for the best ACNH bells and villagers is a relaxing, rewarding experience for fans of interior design creativity and freedom. With the help of this beginner’s guide, you’ll soon become an expert vacation home designer in the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

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