5 Best hosting services from Zomro hosting provider overview

5 Best hosting services from Zomro: hosting provider overview

The company Zomro has established itself as a reliable provider of hosting services. The list of services includes virtual hosting, VDS/VPS rental, as well as dedicated server rental. Additional hosting services and domain registration are also available to customers.

Numerous positive customer reviews speak about the reliability of the company. The characteristic features of the provider: reliability, stability, a wide range of services should also be noted, and the high level of development of technical support, which is ready to help its customers 24/7.

VPS/VDS Server

This is the best option for a variety of projects. VPS/VDS hosting from Zomro provides users with space on a physical server. The same server can host sites from different users, up to several dozen. Each user consistently receives their own list of services. The advantage is the isolation of sites. That is, if one client’s websites were cyberattacked, then the rest of the users do not suffer from this.

Of the advantages of a virtual server, it should be noted:

  • Each user spends their resources.
  • The ability to use any software.
  • The ability to choose an operating system.
  • Their IP addresses.

Virtual hosting

A great idea for small projects. Not expensive, but reliable and guaranteed. You will be able to rent server services at your discretion, choosing the most suitable tariff that suits you. Reliable modern equipment will not let you down at the most inopportune moment.

The choice of the tariff will be affected by the number of sites, subdomains and traffic. You will be able to choose the most suitable option that will fully meet your needs, but at the same time you will not overpay.

Dedicated Server

Are you looking for a suitable option for your actively developing online store? Try a high-performance, reliable and fast dedicated server. You will not be limited in anything and will use as much capacity as it takes for your business to flourish. Do not stop there, and the right server will help you with this.

This is a type of hosting that provides for the rental of an entire server. You will not depend on anyone, but at the same time you will be under the reliable protection of the provider company. Choose your tariff and thrive together with Zomro.

Dedicated Server

VDS with big storage

Strive to work with maximum efficiency, not to depend on anyone, but at the same time not to overpay for services – VPS/VDS servers will help you achieve your goals.

Servers are optimally suited for website developers, as well as for users with large business projects. All your data will be securely stored. The server will take care of you when you need more space. By choosing this server, you get a large amount of disk space while maintaining a high stable speed.

VPS server for Forex

Do you need a forex server? This option will become a reliable assistant for you. Robots will trade profitably even when you can’t control them. This server allows you to work effectively with MetaTrader, without interruptions and freezes. The server will help even a beginner to start trading profitably, since all the necessary programs are already built into it. Trade and earn with Zomro.

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