Umrah Essentials

What to pack for Umrah: A checklist of essentials and recommendations

Are you going to Umrah and want to know what essentials you should carry? Then you come to the right place; here, you will get a comprehensive guide for your Umrah checklist. It would be best to have everything from personal hygiene items to cash for expenses.

Umrah is a holy journey, also known as “lesser pilgrimage,” that millions of Muslims undertake yearly. The first step in sacred travel is to mentally and physically prepare. So, in this article, we will see the things to carry for Umrah, which are also considered as Umrah essentials. Let’s start reading the article without wasting further time.

The Ultimate Umrah Essentials Guide

Umrah is a journey that, like other trips, includes travelling and staying in Saudi Arabia, and travelling, whether regular or Umrah, is complete with bag packing.

Read the below points to absorb:

Necessary Umrah travel documents

Travel documents provide your identity when you depart for Umrah. Ensure you have the essential documents when you leave your home for departure. The most common travel documents are:

  • Passport (validity of 6 to 8 months)
  • Travel document or any residential card (if you don’t have a passport)
  • Visa for travelling
  • Airline tickets
  • Proof of accommodation depends on an airline policy (hotel vouchers, etc.)
  • Travel checklist/itinerary
  • Any insurance, if necessary (travel/health)
  • Any financial means, if required

If you have contacted a genuine travel agent regarding the best Umrah packages, he will save time and ensure your trip with all the required documents.

Self-care essentials

Self-care or personal care essentials are necessary for your Umrah or everyday routine. So, always remember to carry your hygiene essentials whenever you travel. Although, some products you will get by your stayed hotel. But those items are not according to your skin type and are just for regular use.

  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste (kept in a holder)
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Soaps and body wash
  • Shaving machine or razor
  • Nail cutter
  • Moisturizer or cream (should be unscented if you want to use it in Ihram)
  • Wet wipes
  • Hairbrush/comb
  • Personal water bottle
  • Hygiene products for Feminine

Clothing for Umrah

Clothing is the first when packing. You need to consider relevant clothing for Umrah. Most Muslims don’t pack according to weather and circumstances. So, let’s show you a list you should consider, including Umrah essentials for ladies.

  • Ihram dress (you can buy in Saudi Arabia)
  • Abaya for women in black/white colour (will act as an Ihram)
  • Hijab under caps
  • Light clothing to wear under Abaya
  • Loose-fitting shirts and trousers
  • Undergarments
  • Traditional Islamic hats for men
  • Men can also wear Thobe, Jubbah, which is a conventional dress of Saudi Arabia
  • Coat/Jackets if travelling in winter
  • Socks according to weather
  • Any other headwear
  • Pack the number of dresses according to your stay


Umrah Essentials is incomplete without electronic gadgets. In today’s era, these things become necessary to handle. The main thing is a mobile or a smartphone, which is mandatory for communicating with your family and loved ones. Some other electronics include a travel adapter, type G plug, power bank, mobile charger, tablet, Saudi SIM, earphones or headphones, and a torch.

If you need any other electronic gadget, pack that. Many electric devices may need to be mentioned here, and you think for. You can get help from many online resources or direct guidance from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. The point is to ensure and update things.

Baggage for Umrah 

Baggage should include all the Umrah essentials list organized and adequately. You must ensure that your luggage matches the airline policy you have flown for Umrah.

So here are some tips for baggage packing at Umrah:

  1. Choose hard shell suitcases
  2. It should be a good quality and a hard case.
  3. Make sure the locks and keys of the suitcases
  4. Mark the luggage tag from checking points
  5. Avoid soft and vinyl bags, as ill-intentioned individuals can easily cut it

You should confirm the permissible baggage weight with your agent who booked the Umrah package because the extra weight will expose you to some additional payment to the airline.

Final words

Packing for Umrah can be difficult, as you have to think correctly, but it does not look to be. It’s possible to follow some guides and tips in this article. In addition to these Umrah essentials, you can pack other items. Always remember that things are temporary items for use; your primary purpose is to perform Umrah with whole spirituality and take blessings from God. May you have a successful and comfortable pilgrimage journey and make it a more blessed experience.

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