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Website Redesigns That Drive Real Results: 8 Must-Haves

A website redesign can feel like an intimidating undertaking. But when executed strategically, website overhauls deliver immense benefits from stronger branding to higher conversions. Based on results we’ve produced for clients, these are the 8 essential elements every results-driven redesign requires.

Laser Focus on Business Goals

Too many website projects focus on aesthetics over outcomes. Begin by distilling quantitative business goals a redesigned site will achieve. Consider targets around leads, sales, conversions, and customer retention. Let data-driven goals guide priorities rather than just creative preferences. A focus on ROI must come first.

Mobile-First Design

With over 60% of traffic now coming from mobile devices, mobile optimization is mandatory. Ensure designs emphasize flawless responsiveness across screens. Review page speed on cellular connections. Simplify journeys for thumb navigation. If the mobile experience falls short, no amount of desktop polish will suffice. Prioritizing mobile is the new norm.

Seamless Brand Alignment

Beyond surface look and feel, a successful redesign distills and enhances your entire brand position. Analyze what emotions, voice, services, and values your brand represents. Carry a consistent identity across pages from imagery to messaging.íoefine the heart of your brand then unify experiences through design.

Updated Technical Infrastructure Even the most stunning visuals fall flat if site performance and stability falter. Audit core infrastructure like hosting, security, CMS, and development platforms. Identify upgrades to support speed, scalability, and reliability. Refreshed design must sit atop robust technical foundations.

Optimized Page-by-Page User Flows

Don’t just redraw page templates. Re-engineer information flows using user data and analytics. Remove friction points. Connect related content. Bury clutter while highlighting priorities. Test proposed layouts and journeys with real users. Flawless UX page-by-page engages visitors deeper.

Improved Content Quality and SEO

Every page overhaul presents content improvement chances. Audit existing copy against readability, keyword usage, length, and conversion focus. Fill gaps by adding FAQs, visual aids, videos, and illustrations. Refine SEO through metadata, schema markup, site speed, and mobile optimization. Let refreshed content boost quality and discovery.

Expanded Analytics Implementation

Redesigns open doors for expanded analytics. Confirm Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager are implemented properly. Add conversion and form tracking. Feed data into platforms like Google Optimize for testing. Connect analysis tools via API. Quality data informs design choices as you iterate. Don’t leave insights on the table.

Post-Launch Optimization Mindset

Redesign launch is just the starting line. Develop processes for continually optimizing page content, navigation, layouts, and features post-release. Set performance benchmarks. Monitor user feedback. Run ongoing A/B tests. Enable easy iteration without heavy dev lifts. Continual tuning and expansion will drive results long-term.

The Opportunity of a Redesign Done Right

A website redesign based on these essential elements elevates branding, engagement, and performance to new heights. But a focus on business impact must come first. Know what your site and brand truly need then double down on core priorities. When aligned to concrete goals, refreshed design unlocks immense opportunity. Let us know if you need any assistance planning a results-driven redesign.

Don’t Settle for Half-Measures – Let Experts Fully Transform Your Website

Rather than short-term band-aid fixes, periodic full website redesigns by seasoned services pay dividends through complete digital transformations. With experts managing redesigned strategy, design, content, and technology, you gain cohesive experiences that level up capabilities and branding for sustainable success. Small tweaks fail to move the needle – it’s time for comprehensive website innovation.

Recent research shows that companies that invested in full website redesigns by website redesign services saw conversion rates improve by an average of 26% compared to just 11% for those making minor refreshes. The data also shows that 75% of businesses partnering with agencies on website redesigns rated overall success a 9 out of 10, versus just 23% satisfaction for in-house redesign efforts. And 6 months after redesign launches, professionals reported website traffic increases averaging 22% when working with services. The metrics make a persuasive case for hiring outside experts for transformational website redesigns rather than internal tweaks.

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