Forklift for Sale by Sun Equipment

Tips for Buying a Used Forklift for Sale by Sun Equipment

Construction operators don’t often want to buy new forklifts because their lower operations may not justify the overall costs. With this said, it’s always best to shift your focus on the used ones, where you can save a lot of money as long as you know what to look for.

When shopping for this heavy machinery, you might want to go to local dealers, so you can easily get the forklifts repaired if they are not working. Freight and delivery charges will also cost less if it’s near you. Check your areas and type on your search engines some terms like forklift sellers near me or go with auction boards.

Why Buy a Used One?

Businesses tend to spend less on the used equipment, and it’s cheaper than the brand-new models. It allows companies to invest the extra funds into something more useful while getting most of the work done.

You can also have the option to select from a broad selection of brands and models. Nowadays, this is possible with the Sun Equipment used forklifts, where you can find some options in terms of lift height, capacity, and features without breaking the bank. Bring a mechanic with you to make sure that you’re buying something functional as well. High-quality ones have already undergone any necessary repairs or maintenance, and they are ready to go as soon as they arrive at your facility, saving you time and effort compared to dealing with potential issues that may arise with a new unit.

Instead of purchasing one every few years, your business can reduce its environmental impact. Reusing machinery helps conserve resources and minimize waste generated by manufacturing processes.

What to Look for When Buying?

  1. Check and Assess for Damage

Do a thorough inspection of the front part and look for bends and cracks. The latter can be worrisome because it’s a sign that you’re looking at a replacement soon. The thickness of the heel blade can also matter and if it doesn’t match the ones at the shank, then this is a sign that they are too worn out.

  1. Gaps with the Chains

Turn on the forklift, and while moving it up, see the mast and determine whether there are welding marks or cracks. A poor welding job can compromise the integrity of the entire chain, so make sure that you’re still looking at the good ones. Avoid also the corroded or the ones with the missing links.

  1. Smooth Mast Operations

Sellers or dealerships should be able to raise the forks high enough until the third mast. Any signs of difficulties may mean that the rollers will need fixing, and you need to lubricate it. If you see a more oval shape instead of a perfectly round wheel, then it might be the right time to look for a replacement.

  1. The Tires Matter

Chunking can be a sign that the tires are in a rough shape. You also need to consider if the outer edges of the tires are already reaching the top of the letters at the side wall. A penny test where Abe Lincoln’s head becomes visible will mean that the treads are low, so be careful with these things when buying used equipment. See more signs that you need new tires on this webpage.

  1. Battery Life Left

Unlike mileage, nothing generally tracks the life of the batteries, but you can get a good idea about this by asking the dealers about the number of shifts the used forklift has done. Normal ones can last up to five years, and if the machinery is used twice in the mornings and afternoons, then you can expect that it’s going to have about 1 to 2 years left. Check for signs of lead acid corrosion on the exteriors if there’s any. 

Where Should You Buy?

using forklifts

Explore several places and check online marketplaces near you. The local classified ads, eBay, online websites, and newspapers can provide you with the listings, prices, and other information about the forklifts. Another avenue to consider is contacting local equipment dealerships that specialize in selling both new and used forklifts. They may have a selection of pre-owned models available for purchase, and their knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the right fit for your needs.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, attending auctions can be an exciting way to find used forklifts at potentially lower prices, and you find out how to be safe while using forklifts at this link: Keep an eye out for industrial auctions or liquidation sales happening in your area.

Networking within the industry can also prove fruitful when searching for used machinery, and reaching out to colleagues, suppliers, or other business owners who might have leads on where you can find reliable used equipment. Online forums and communities that are dedicated to handling equipment can also be a treasure trove of information. These are the platforms that let you share some info about the legitimate dealers in the industry.

Do your due diligence before purchasing anything or signing an agreement. Compare the features, prices, and conditions of the equipment, and gather as much information as you can about its maintenance history.

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