Education for Electricians in Dubai

The Importance of Continuing Education for Electricians in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is consistently among the top ten countries with the highest GDP per capita, and the constant growth of the economy requires more and more foreign labor. There are high salaries and many offers – today it is the most popular destination for contract work. Layboard publishes a lot of vacancies from different companies and fields. The advantage of this country is that almost any employee can get a contract.

However, the contract is not a final step. For example, that’s not enough just to find an electrician job. You have to continue studying, even when you have your work contract. Continuing education for these professionals is important because the profession of an electrician requires good knowledge of both general technical and special disciplines that are used in the area with which you have to work. No wonder enterprises conduct various courses to improve the skills of specialists in this area.

An electrician participates in the installation of equipment and sensors during the implementation of control systems, and technical security equipment for residential and industrial facilities, and also ensures the serviceability of not only the wiring of apartments or individual appliances but also entire industrial facilities. This profession is considered one of the most dangerous and requires constant attention and high qualifications.

There are several types and classes of this profession:

  • The first type is focused on the installation, assembly and adjustment, operation of technical devices, management of technical devices, and repair and maintenance of electrical systems and equipment.
  • The second type includes specialists who work with symbolic information: numbers, drawings, and diagrams.
  • You can also distinguish the “Performers” class, the work of specialists in this class is related to working according to a given pattern, compliance with existing rules and regulations, and following instructions.

All of these classes need continuing education. That’s especially important for specialists who work in Dubai. Companies actively use new technologies, so a specialist needs to be a quick learner.

Basic requirements

The main functions performed by an electrician include:

  • installation of systems and structures for cable installation
  • installation of the grounding circuit;
  • installation of boards, cabinets, and consoles;
  • installation of actuators;
  • laying of cable products;
  • connection of consumers and actuators, etc.

An electrician should know the basics of electrical engineering, electronics and automation, and applied mechanics. The basic requirements include:

  • device, principles of operation, and technical parameters of the sensors, devices, and systems to be serviced;
  • rules of technical operation of electrical equipment;
  • types and causes of damage to electrical devices;
  • methods of damage detection and repair rules;
  • methods of protection against electric shock, safety rules.

An electrician must have developed technical thinking, sharp eyesight, care, accuracy, and attentiveness. That is, this person must have a full set of skills and qualities. The mandatory skills include adjustment, installation, operation, and repair of industrial and domestic electrical equipment, power devices, and electronic control systems.

The specifics require care and caution, as you have to work in conditions of increased danger. High voltage, which can be fatal to life, an environment that creates conditions for electric shock.

All this puts the profession in the category of danger. On the other hand, for the most part, the work is carried out in fairly comfortable conditions of positive temperatures and indoors. Often, the most difficult thing is to find a fault, not to repair it.

The work of an electrician requires professional knowledge, the ability to read technical documentation, act following it, and compile it, knowledge of electrical materials, the principles of operation of electrical installations and equipment, and measuring devices. An electrician must strictly adhere to the basic generally accepted cultural and safety requirements.

What do you have to study?

An electrician must study materials and the basics of electrical engineering, automation, installation, and maintenance of electrical installations. In addition, he or she must also know the general fundamentals of construction equipment and building structures, electrical measurements, and the production, transmission, distribution, and consumption of electricity.

The list of special knowledge includes:

  • low-voltage internal electrical installations,
  • low-voltage outdoor electrical installations (including lines),
  • medium-voltage electrical installations (including lines),
  • high-voltage electrical installations (including lines),
  • electric drives (including lifting and transport drives), relay protection and automation, low-current systems, communication systems, security systems, computers, and other systems.

In the UAE, skilled workers are highly valued. But even if a person initially entered a low-skilled position, but showed his abilities and diligence in the course of work, it is likely that he expects career growth. The thing is that many companies in Dubai hold training courses for foreign nationals. Therefore, if the management sees in a hired worker the potential and aspiration to develop, then the person will be sent to these courses, after passing which he will be promoted.

Continuing education of workers is carried out on and off the job. On-the-job training includes practical training at an enterprise and a theoretical course at a technical school or specialized center. On-the-job training is provided in secondary technical schools and training centers.

Working in Dubai offers a career, as well as the prospect of transferring to other countries, traveling, training, and self-development. Remember about education, and you will find the way to success and further career advancement. Work experience in Dubai will count towards future employment in absolutely any other country in the world.

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