Different kinds of erection enhancers are sold under the name Kamagra. It can be, for example, not only pills, but also candies, jelly called Kamagra Oral Jelly, effervescent tablets or a milder version of Kamagra

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Different kinds of erection enhancers are sold under the name Kamagra. It can be, for example, not only pills, but also candies, jelly called Kamagra Oral Jelly, effervescent tablets or a milder version of Kamagra or, on the contrary, a higher quality type of Kamagra Gold. For a better understanding, if I continue to talk about Kamagra pills, I mean the classic ones, Kamagra 100mg.

Kamagra is similar to the well-known pill Viagra and was launched on the market very quickly after Viagra as its generic version. This Viagra generic has gained its popularity thanks to a friendly price and even better results than Viagra. The composition of Kamagra is very similar, and in this instance, the active ingredient ensuring the effectiveness of the Sildenafil pill is also very similar. Behind Kamagra is an Indian Ajantha Pharma company that sells these erection pills in many countries around the world. APL is a multinational company based in India that develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical formulations. It is based in India, the United States and operates in about 30 other countries in Africa, South East Asia, West Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. It was founded in 1973.

Kamagra – Manufacturer and origin

Kamagra is a product of an Indian pharmaceutical company, namely Ajanta Pharma Limited. Although the company is unknown to some people, it has a relatively long history, as it was founded in 1973. It currently has about 1,400 registered pharmaceutical products.

Kamagra is usually bought online as a cheap alternative to Viagra or Levitra and discretely delivered to buyers. The price of the Kamagra pack starts from 15$.

Kamagra stands out perfectly when it comes to the reviews themselves, user testimonials and endorsements by successful users and health care providers. After all, Sildenafil Citrate is perhaps the most well-known pharmaceutical grade of the molecule that is most often prescribed and used for this diagnosis.

Composition and active ingredients of Kamagra

Similar to Viagra, Kamagra is based on Sildenafil, a substance that belongs to vascular drugs, namely phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors are a group of drugs that are most commonly used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Their ability to improve ED symptoms was accidentally discovered while researchers were investigating their use for hypertension and angina. Similar to the better-known blue pill Viagrl, also in the case of Kamagra, tablets with a content of 25, 50 or 100 mg are available, the last type being the most common.

Here is a more detailed description of the composition of the tablets:

  • Sildenafil: Sildenafil is a substance originally designed to solve cardiovascular problems and comes from a drug that was tested in the early 1990s precisely for the purpose of helping patients with heart disease. However, the substance has been found to improve blood flow to the penis, resulting in an immediate erection. Of course, only after sexual stimulation. Sildenafil works by blocking the action of a chemical in your body called phosphodiesterase type 5 (Phosphodiesterase 5). This helps dilate (relax) blood vessels, improving blood flow to the penis after sexual stimulation. This makes it easier to maintain an erection.

Dosage and use

Kamagra is intended for men suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by a problem with the blood supply to the penis.

  • One dose = 1 Tablet. The maximum daily dose is 1 tablet, initially it is recommended to start with a smaller, half dose. Even in this case, the effectiveness of the pill is linked to sexual stimulation and should be taken roughly 30 to 60 minutes before planned sexual intercourse.

It is easy to use, just swallow one tablet and drink it with water. Excessive use does not lead to better results, which you can also read on the package leaflet, rather to the occurrence of negative unwanted and side effects. The manufacturer states that, according to statistics, Kamagra helps in 80% of cases.

Effects of Kamagra

Let’s now look at the effects of Kamagra. Effectiveness of the tablets is comparable to the well-known blue pill. Therefore, it is true that after a few hours the effect of the preparation begins to decrease and the effect gradually weakens. So it is not a permanent solution, for that you would have to take pills every day.

  • Onset of erection

As for the erection, the effect of Kamagra is noticeably better here. It is mainly due to Sildenafil, in less than 40 minutes, you begin to feel the effects of Kamagra. However, once again, it should be noted that in order for an erection to occur, stimulation, some kind of sexual stimulation is needed.

  • Hardness and quality of erection

Thanks to much better blood circulation and the opening of blood vessels for increased blood supply to the penis, not only is the onset of erection better, but also its quality. The penis will visibly enlarged and more blood-stained. But the time of maximum effect was shorter, only up to 4 hours.

Kamagra is for you, if:

  • you suffer from erectile dysfunction or male impotence,
  • you have been prescribed sildenafil citrate alone for treatment,
  • you don’t want to use natural/herbal supplements for treatment – where the effects are probably slower,
  • If you want a cheaper alternative to Viagra,
  • if you want to buy sildenafil without a prescription.

Kamagra is not for you, if:

  • you suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure,
  • you want a pill that will work even without sexual stimulation,
  • you are allergic to any component of this product,
  • you are on certain medications that contradict Sildenafil.

Some of the side effects of Kamagra are:

  • Headaches,
  • Allergic reactions,
  • Congestion of the nasal mucosa,
  • Changes in blood pressure.

This medicine is not for use in women and men and should not be used in combination with other medicines for impotence without first talking to your doctor or health care professional. Taking this medicine with medicines called nitrates (often used for chest pain or angina) may be dangerous. If you have severe heart or liver problems, have recently had a stroke or heart attack, or if you have low blood pressure, you should not take this medicine. Tell your doctor if you have these or any other health problems before taking this medicine. With the aforementioned advice, you shouldn’t have any trouble resolving your ED issues.

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