Parking at Frankfurt Airport
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Parking at Frankfurt Airport ► Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re going on a short city trip or traveling to the other side of the world for two weeks, it’s always a good idea to go to the airport by car. There are many benefits to going by car. For example, if you put your suitcases in the car the day before, you can just step into it the next day without having to get up early to pack. Another great advantage is that you are in control of the drive to the airport. Public transportation is not always reliable, and going by car gives you the best chance of making it to your flight on time.

Are you curious about the best places to park at Frankfurt Airport? This article will help you find the best parking spots.

Where to find a parking spot?

The best strategy for parking airport Frankfurt is to use a website that lists all possible options for the dates that you’re parking. These websites can help you find a parking spot and all the extras that fit your needs. For example, you’ll be able to check the prices, see which parking garages or spaces offer shuttles, and even book unique hotel and parking arrangements.

The last option is often called park, sleep & fly and is perfect for those who would like to rest before their flight or who have an early flight to catch. The package includes a night at a hotel, breakfast, and a parking spot at the hotel for a predetermined number of days (often two or three weeks). Hotels are typically located conveniently close to the airport or offer shuttles to take you to the terminal. Your car will be safely parked on their property, and you’ll be able to commence your flight well-rested.

What kind of parking facilities can I choose from?

Frankfurt airport has a number of parking facilities on-site and around the airport itself. Officially, the airport offers 15,000 spots spread over several parking spaces and garages. There are two terminals at the airport, and each terminal has its own facility. However, it’s highly recommended to book in advance to make sure that parking is available on your desired dates. You’ll also be able to just drive up to the parking space and enter your reservation details.


Frankfurt Airport offers a wide range of parking facilities for special vehicles. You’ll find handicapped parking spots conveniently located near the exit, e-parking spots with charging facilities for electric vehicles, and business parking spaces for larger vehicles.

Park & Shuttle

Parking directly at the airport can be quite costly. If you’re on a budget, you might want to consider parking at a parking lot with shuttles. At these parking lots located near the airport, you’ll be able to park and take a shuttle directly to the terminal building. The shuttles often depart every few minutes. However, some parking facilities offer the opportunity for a private shuttle, which should be booked in advance. This parking option is usually much cheaper than parking directly at the airport and can be booked for as little as €10 (excl. VAT).

Valet parking

Another option that many businesses around Frankfurt Airport offer is to use a valet parking service. This service works as follows: simply drive up to the terminal and unload your baggage. Someone will be waiting to pick up your car. Hand over the keys, and they’ll take your car to the parking facility for you. Once you return from your trip, you simply call the company, and they’ll take your car to the appointed pick-up spot. This option does require a reservation made in advance.

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