Outgrown the championship: six candidates for leaving the UPL this winter

Only the lazy have not criticized the level of the UPL lately, because the Ukrainian championship is falling lower and lower in the UEFA rankings. But our players have finally begun to move on to normal European championships and demonstrate a certain level there. This made it possible to draw the attention of worthy foreign clubs to the Ukrainian football player market, especially since Shakhtar continues to give them good advertising in the Champions League, and a sea of ​​promising youth plays in the Premier League. While it seems like all of our big stars have already left, there are actually at least six more talents who probably wouldn’t be lost abroad.

If you like to bet on Ukrainian football, go to, and in the meantime, stock up on popcorn – it’s time to follow the domestic transfer sagas of this winter. For your attention – the main stars of the UPL, for whom it’s time to come out now.

6th place – Nikolay Matvienko

From a young and promising player, this player has grown into a key defender of Shakhtar and the Ukrainian national team – if he is healthy, he will play in the starting role. Against the backdrop of such success, he has been “traded” to leading foreign clubs for several years now – they say he even had a real chance of ending up in the Premier League. If Kolya still hasn’t served it out, then without a transfer this will happen in the near future, because he is already 27 years old.

There are rumors that Matvienko is still interested in a number of English clubs – Everton, Crystal Palace, Burnley and Sheffield. This may not be the ultimate dream for an ambitious player, but the defender has slowed down a bit lately. But even the middle peasants of the Premier League are able to pay Nikolai’s market value, estimated at 20 million euros. It is far from certain that he will leave this winter, but the truth is that there will not be a better time.

5th place – Vitaly Buyalsky

A surprisingly contradictory player – on the one hand, the undoubted leader of Dynamo, on the other, Shevchenko and Petrakov absolutely did not find a place for him in the national team. Rumors about a certain interest in the midfielder from European clubs circulated from year to year, but somehow without specific names – we only know that Vitaly’s candidacy was considered in Italy, Turkey and Germany. The player himself expressed a desire to leave, but bought into Surkis’s traditional “I promise to sell when there is a good offer.”

Buyalsky turns 31 this winter and will no longer progress. If you don’t leave the UPL now, all that’s left is to play out the game little by little.

4th place – Georgy Bushchan

He was kept away from the first team for so long that the average fan might consider him unpromising.

For a goalkeeper, 29 years is not old, so Zhora will definitely benefit the new club. He has long outgrown the level of the Premier League, but he has lost his place in the national team – who knows, maybe a new challenge in his career will help convince Rebrov of his own professional suitability.

3rd place – Ilya Kvasnitsa

The leader of Rukh does not seem to be the status that should force foreign buyers to fork out cash. However, there are two nuances: firstly, the Lviv team is fighting for European competition this season and finished the autumn part of the championship in a high sixth place, and secondly, the boy is only 20 years old. In 17 matches in the championship and 1 in the cup, Kwasnica scored 6 goals and gave 3 assists – this helped him enter the world rankings of the best finishers and overtake Immobile there, by a second.

Girona and Valencia were already interested in the striker. Buying such a young player is always a risk, because he has not yet proven himself over the long term, but this is the benefit of selling for Rukh – letting the player go while he is shining.

2nd place – Georgy Sudakov

When he went to the senior Euro 2021 at the age of 19, many wondered who he was and why he was taken at all. Sudakov never played a minute at the Euro, but now, at 21, he is considered the main star of the championship and hope for the national team. At least Juventus wants to see Zhora. The problem will be that Shakhtar are unlikely to be satisfied with even 25 million euros, which is called the guy’s market price. But at the moment, Sudakov from the entire list seems to be the only one who is guaranteed to be promoted – if not now, then in the summer.

1st place – Alexander Pikhalenok

Sudakov, naturally, is more promising, but according to the criterion of moving immediately, the Dnepr-1 midfielder looks like the leader. The price for him is much more adequate, it won’t scare off the contenders, and at the same time he is also the clear leader of the club aspiring to the championship. 26 years is the prime age for a football player who is already close to his peak, but can play a few more seasons. In the summer there were rumors that Girona was eyeing Alexander, but this is a team that knows for sure that the Ukrainians can work miracles on the field.

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