Endgame Map Farming

Optimizing Your Endgame Map Farming with a Path of Exile Atlas Skill Tree

Path of Exile’s endgame content is centered around the Atlas of Worlds, a complex network of maps filled with challenging encounters and valuable rewards. To maximize your efficiency and PoE Currency in map farming, it’s crucial to plan your skill tree and strategies effectively. In this article, we’ll explore a skill tree build for endgame map farming while incorporating the highly lucrative Delirium, Abyss, and Breach strategies.

Skill Tree Overview:
When designing your skill tree for endgame map farming, it’s important to balance survivability, damage output, and efficiency. Here’s a suggested skill tree build that focuses on these aspects while incorporating key nodes for Delirium, Abyss, and Breach strategies:

  1. Offensive Nodes:

    • Prioritize damage-boosting nodes for your chosen build, tailored to your preferred playstyle (e.g., spells, bows, melee).
    • Take critical strike nodes to increase your chance of scoring critical hits and dealing significant damage.
    • Allocate area of effect (AoE) nodes to enhance your clear speed and coverage.
  2. Defensive Nodes:

    • Invest in life nodes to increase your maximum life pool, ensuring better survivability.
    • Acquire block or evasion nodes, depending on your chosen defensive mechanics.
    • Consider resistances and energy shield nodes to mitigate elemental damage or protect your energy shield-based characters.
  3. Utility Nodes:

    • Grab mobility nodes, such as increased movement speed or attack/cast speed, to enhance your overall speed and efficiency.
    • Allocate mana-related nodes to sustain your skills and utilize more auras.
    • With a good POE Item placement, search for nodes that grant increased damage or provide extra defenses. 

Delirium Strategy:
Delirium is a challenging league mechanic that introduces fog-filled maps with increased monster density and valuable rewards. To optimize your Delirium strategy:

  1. Prioritize AoE nodes to maximize your coverage within the Delirium fog.
  2. Select nodes that increase your clear speed, including movement speed and attack/cast speed.
  3. Build and choose skills that can effectively clear large groups of enemies.

Abyss Strategy:
The Abyss league mechanic spawns cracks in the ground, leading to deadly encounters and Abyssal Depths. To excel in Abyss encounters:

  1. Allocate life nodes to improve survivability during dangerous encounters.
  2. Consider taking damage nodes that apply to both regular mobs and Abyssal enemies.
  3. Utilize area of effect (AoE) skills or skills with overlapping damage to clear Abyssal Depths efficiently.

Breach Strategy:
Breach encounters open rifts with tough enemies and lucrative rewards. To excel in Breach encounters:

  1. Allocate damage nodes that enhance your single-target damage to defeat the tougher Breach enemies.
  2. Consider elemental penetration nodes to bypass enemy resistances within Breach domains.
  3. Use skills with overlapping damage or area coverage to clear multiple enemies within the Breach domains.

By optimizing your skill tree with the suggested offensive, defensive, and utility nodes, you can enhance your efficiency and profitability in endgame map farming with the Delirium, Abyss, and Breach strategies. Remember to adapt the skill tree to your chosen build, playstyle, and preference. Continuously experiment, upgrade gear, and refine your strategies as you progress in Path of Exile’s endgame, ensuring a rewarding and thrilling gaming experience.

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