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Must-Watch Gambling Shows

Looking for the excitement of gambling without the risk? Gambling shows and films offer just that! These productions captivate audiences with the tension and drama of the gambling world.
With so many options for streaming and viewing, it’s easy to get lost. To help you find the best, we’ve compiled a guide to the finest gambling TV and movies.

Smart Live Casino

In each episode of this show, real players engage in several actual games. Originating in the UK in 2007, it quickly became hugely popular.
This program seamlessly blends the excitement of gambling, the enjoyment of a reality show, and the thrilling aspects of a game show. You can easily find it online; it’s a fantastic fusion of entertainment!

Breaking Vegas

The TV movie had a simple idea: get a group of students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to try and win big at a Las Vegas casino by playing blackjack. The students came up with clever strategies to win, but the casino tried to stop them.
To see what happened next, you can watch the 90-minute TV movie by Bruce David Klein from 2004 on YouTube for free.

King of Vegas

Hosted by boxing commentator Max Kellerman and professional gambler Wayne Allyn Root, this show featured various casino games. It first aired on Spike TV in the US in 2006 and has become a cult favorite.
In each round, 12 players got $10,000 to gamble with. They played games like blackjack and poker, with a one-hour time limit per round.
Half of the players were professionals, and the other half were amateurs. One player was eliminated each week.
The last player left standing became ‘The King of Vegas’ and won $1,000,000. You can watch this classic gambling show on Channel 5 in the UK or Paramount.

Win It All

The Netflix movie (2017) tells the compelling story of a struggling small-time gambler, mixing drama with humor.
Joe Swanberg directed the film, and it stars Keegan-Michael Key, who delivered a standout performance. Audiences embraced the gritty humor of the movie, and it earned an impressive 85% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. As a result, it continues to be a popular choice for streaming.

The Casino

A classic American TV series (2004) is worth watching again. This Fox reality show documented the lives of two Las Vegas millionaires who owned and operated The Golden Nugget Casino.
Notably, it was the first reality show shot with HD video cameras, and its theme music was composed by Bono. You can find the series on YouTube.

Big Deal

This is a unique series from 1984 that made waves on British TV. It fascinated fans of games of chance.
The protagonist is a London gambler whose passion clashes with his love life. The show’s engaging drama and humor kept it on the air for three series until 1986, with a total of 30 episodes. You can easily find this BBC series online.

Poker After Dark

Each episode of this show offers a genuine poker game filled with tension and excitement. You can hear the authentic conversations at the table, and the stakes keep rising throughout the hour. It’s exciting!
The hour-long episodes initially aired on NBC from 2007 to 2011 and made a comeback in 2017 on a private subscription streaming service. You can easily find the original episodes of “Poker After Dark” online.

No matter which of these great gambling shows you choose, you’ll have a good time. Watching is almost as fun as playing, and the best part is you won’t lose anything, no matter how lucky you’re feeling today. And for more on gambling, don’t forget to check out the best books on gambling. After all, reading is just as entertaining as watching TV shows and movies.

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