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Medihelp: Comprehensive Medication Management Services 

On-time medication as prescribed by your doctor is crucial during your recovery phase. Skipping medicines or overdosing on any medicine can lead to several complications and can also be life-threatening. This is when in-home medication management becomes useful. 

The medication management team of personal health care in Philadelphia ensures you or your loved ones take the correct medication and dosage at home, at the correct time, and following the doctor’s orders. 

What is meant by in-home medication management?

In-home medication management involves services provided by trained and licensed professionals to keep track of the medications being taken. This could be beneficial for individuals during an illness, after surgery, or for disabled individuals. Professionals offer specialized healthcare and support about medication that has been prescribed by a healthcare professional to a home care patient. 

In in-home medication management, the provision of appropriate compliance aids by participating pharmacists will be the foundation of the service.

What are the services offered in medication management?

The following services will be offered for in-home medication management:

  • Assist in designing an appropriate home care medication schedule
  • Examine your home care medication regimen
  • Management of health at home
  • Make a detailed list of all the over-the-counter, and prescription medicines being taken by the patient
  • Educate the patient and their caregivers about the correct dosage, frequency, and side effects
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and response to medications 
  • Communicate with the patient’s doctor to ensure an optimal outcome

What are the consequences of improper medication use?

Improper medication use can lead to several complications, such as:

  • Negative symptoms
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness 
  • Memory lapse
  • Increased susceptibility to falls and accidents
  • Readmission to the hospital 

What do the medicine safety tips include?

While taking medications it is essential to follow certain safety rules. Violating the rules, overdosing on a medicine, or skipping it can do more harm. 

Here are a few important medicine safety rules:

  • Before taking the medicine check the label and the expiration date
  • Keep all the medicines in a safe place away from children
  • Do not combine different medicines in one bottle
  • Keep medicines out of direct sunlight
  • If medicines are to be refrigerated, keep them at a proper temperature. Do not freeze the medicine


Medications are an important component of your recovery period. Any mistake or negligence can lead to life-threatening complications. Following the proper safety tips and precautions can help prevent adverse consequences. You can even reach out to medication management services if it is a challenging task for you due to your busy schedule or if required for an older family member. 

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