Low cost international money transfers

Low cost international money transfers

Do you often make money transfers and need a service that guarantees a high level of security, and even allows you to optimize processes? Choose VELURE.

VELURE Benefits

VELURE services are now used by thousands of customers in many countries around the world. One of the important advantages is the ability to work with more than 39 currencies. Transfers can be made to more than 120 countries of the world.

The service also offers the most favorable exchange rates, which allows you to avoid losing funds. Therefore, the services of the service are used by both individuals and legal entities. Therefore, if you are interested in inexpensive money transfers, choose VELURE.

When working with this service, you will also receive round-the-clock support – 24/7 you can get advice from experienced managers. Therefore, making inexpensive international transfers will become even easier.

But the service offers a full range of services, and not just a money transfer. Given how quickly the currency market changes, experts will help you effectively predict all the ups and downs.

The service allows you to make international money transfers, as well as check tariffs, make various payments and, using convenient tools, receive confirmation of transfers. So customers have access not only to inexpensive international money transfers, but also to a number of other functions.

How to make an inexpensive money transfer

The service allows customers to make international money transfers with a low commission, without worrying about the safety of funds. After all, VELURE is an official company that operates under the close supervision of the Financial Supervision Authority.

The company offers the lowest fees for international transfers and no hidden fees. Tariff information is open and available to all customers without exception. This allows you to plan your budget effectively.

Therefore, customers turn to VELURE not only when an inexpensive international bank transfer is needed, but also for a number of other banking operations.

If you regularly need to send money abroad, low commissions will save you a lot of money. But customers are attracted not only by the lowest commission for an international bank transfer, but also by the extended functionality of the service, as well as a number of guarantees.

It has been proven that today the cheapest way to transfer money abroad, while receiving all the necessary guarantees, is VELURE.

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