Long-Term Disability Benefits For Stroke and Dealing With Insurance Company

Long-Term Disability Benefits For Stroke and Dealing With Insurance Company

Unfortunately, those who have undergone a stroke are left with a long-term disability that will drastically alter their life experiences. Those who have a long-term disability may not be able to perform daily tasks or carry out activities that they once did, let alone work. For situations like these, the state has some regulations in place that make sure that if a claimant files for compensation, they will be able to recover the damages that they suffered or are undergoing. Unfortunately, winning such claims is not an easy task and can be a very daunting process, which is why we recommend that you get help from The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey

When you submit a claim, the insurance provider will check for the following documents:

Diagnosis of disability:

As expected, if you are a claimant and you file a compensation claim, the insurance company will carefully go through your medical records to make sure you are not lying and that you need the compensation. So what you can expect from the insurance company is a request for all your MRI and CT scans.

Doctor’s opinion:

Apart from the diagnosis, the insurance company will also ask for your doctor’s opinion. However, it’s important to note that just a simple note from your doctor saying that you are disabled will not be enough. The insurance company will look for a thorough evaluation of your disability to understand the extent of your disability and the symptoms. In the event that the insurance companies are unsure about the doctor’s opinion, the diagnosis, or any sort of medical report that is submitted by you, they can run their own independent examinations to make sure that you are not lying. The catch here is that these doctors and medical professionals are often in-house professionals, so their diagnoses or evolutions may be a little biased. To make sure that you do not fall prey to such tricks, you should hire a lawyer.

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Final thoughts:

There have been cases where it was seen that people underwent treatments and regular therapies, and their symptoms eventually got better. Since the insurance companies know about this, they will require evidence that you have an ongoing disability to make sure that you are not trying to trick them. Undergoing a similar situation? A lawyer may be able to help with your case. 

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