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Live casino – why is it so popular in India?

Live casino is a special playground where players can take part in different gambling games. Today, these sites can be played from the comfort of your own home, where live casino will additionally host exciting video poker tournaments.


Why live casino is incredibly popular in India?

The only disadvantage of Live casino is the lack of gaming atmosphere. But it was quickly eliminated when real dealers appear in the casino. Playing in Live casino with a real dealer allows you to get differences from a simple game. A real live contact will be constantly maintained with the player, which is available for personal interaction with a real dealer, who will shuffle the playing cards live.

The best live casino games in India

There are several variations of popular games that allow you to play in live mode:

  • Roulette;
  • Blackjack;
  • Baccarat;
  • Poker.

Some Live casino administrators often expand the variants of these games, so they are gradually creating an alternative variant. It is for the readers of this article prepared basic information regarding live games.

Roulette for playing in live mode

Among the most popular gaming resources in the form of roulette, we can highlight Immersive Roulette by Evolution Gaming. With the advent of 2014, the game wins the new status of Game of the Year.

The common other variants of live roulette can also include a high speed game, but without a real dealer. The advantage in this case is the additional investment on certain symbols that can be used on classic slot machines, best online casinos, modern format roulette and more.

Live blackjack

The total number of exciting versions additionally include Blackjack Switch, Surrender and Pontoon, which are not held online, but they are played with real dealers. A certain casino additionally offers wagers that allow third party play. The limit on this game is much higher than in the standard version. The highest coefficient of the main prize is 10 thousand dollars.

Baccarat with live dealers

Roulette and blackjack are often ahead of the curve in popularity compared to other games, although the total number of tables in this case is represented in a small number. The only option that is presented online is Punto Banco. In the United States of America, skillet games are still popular, especially in the form of baccarat, which becomes an additional means of attracting large crowds.

Some casinos offer additional bets to choose from, especially on pairs, but or on major and minor cards. The most insignificant amount acts as 1 euro. Those who like to take risks are presented more interesting options with amounts up to 10,000 euros.

Three-card poker

Three-card poker is a new type of card game, which first appeared back in 1994. In real time, users can find this game in live casino Favbet. Compared to other variants of poker, where five cards are usually used, this variant has only three. No common cards are presented in the game, three cards of the user compete with three combinations of the dealer.

Sik-bo is a dice game

The overall range of games is offered in a small number. Dice games are represented in a small number, especially with live dealers. The only one for today is exactly Sic bo. For this game you will have to have three dice at hand and a special board on which these dice are usually used. Two popular bets in live casinos are small and large. Users can bet on the total amount of the three dice at once, or with either the small bet or the big bet. Players can also bet on the rolled amount of the dice.

If the game is played alongside live dealers, all three dice will be under the main glass dome. He will press a key, due to which the dice will be randomly mixed. After a certain time, the dice will stop, so any prize combination will be paid out to the player. In real time, this game is in open access for a certain Fawbet gaming club.

The best providers of live games in India

Live casino games are extremely popular today, especially due to the fact that with real live dealers the player is immersed in the atmosphere of reality. Each gaming club offers a large number of developers who have decided to present their own products in a convenient format. Everything will be held exclusively in live broadcast.


This developer especially emphasizes precisely on quality. Video broadcasting and sound quality – presented at the highest level, and the overall format is quite attractive. The limit on tables – low, but on roulette will be presented bets up to 75 thousand euros. Live service company produced for mobile devices, the entire lineup of games in this case has a limited format than others.

Evolution Gaming

The provider is the owner of the EGR award as one of the best producers of software for live casinos, which the organization receives for the 6th time. The entire range of games includes in its list: live roulette, baccarat and blackjack. In addition, the company offers three-card poker. The games are offered in different languages, including Ukrainian.

In addition to the mentioned games, there are additionally presented multi-format roulette, where the provider was able to develop an original variant of blackjack. This game usually provides a low betting level, but also unlimited seats.


Another major developer of live casino games is Playtech. The company is considered one of the major software manufacturers, whose products are used in the most reputable casinos. Find games with live dealers players will be able to exclusively from those representatives whose software is presented from well-known suppliers. Providers usually offer different limits per table, so the main interests of players are usually taken into account, who can choose the table before the game starts.

Additionally, the company has the best versions of roulette, blackjack and more. In each of these, users can participate through certain bets. The games are offered in English. They are offered on mobile devices.


What is a live casino?

The live casino is live. You can play on any device. A live dealer will appear in front of the players.

What games can be played in the live mode?

For players are offered to play poker, roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Each option is offered in several variants, so players can choose any convenient game option on their own.

What does live casino attract indian players?

In real time, a large number of tables are offered at the live casino. This game is especially attractive in live, where users will be able to play the best options.

What game do you propose to play?

One can choose any software option to play the game. For users to enjoy the process, they can choose card and board games.

What is the minimum amount that can be invested per game?

The minimum amount that can be invested per game is around 20 euros. But there are establishments that allow you to bet in a smaller amount, such as Favbet Casino. In this case, the amount of a few cents can be involved.

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