How to Deal With Travel Nurse Fatigue and Stress

In the past few years, the nursing profession has become quite the highlight and for a very good reason.  The pandemic destroyed the sanctity of many lives and uprooted many families.  Among those uprooted were those that chose to shift their entire lives in order to help other people.

If you are a traveling nurse, thank you.  Thank you for what you do and here are a few ideas that might help you decompress after a long day of taking care of others.


Nurses are often the ones that get to hear everyone else’s problems all day long.  Not only that, you have to deal with the easiest patients ever, please note the sarcasm.  

Sometimes, there really is no one greater than a therapist to talk to.  More often than not, different places of business provide access to some sort of mental health care.  If you are in education or medical, those options are more than likely free.  

If you can’t find someone that you jive with when talking about what is going on inside your mind, then it is always okay to find someone else.  A great way to get started is psychology today or BetterHelp.  Start there, and find the therapist that works best with you.

Working Out

This can be a big hit and miss with nurses all around the world.  You spend most, if not all, day on your feet.  Like you will want to go to the gym and stay on your feet any longer?

Hear me out.

There are always activities that you can do at the gym where you don’t have to stand on your feet.  There are row machines, arm workouts, and you can even use spaces to stretch out your legs and even PT them if you need to.

Getting into a different space that allows you to break away from the insanity of work is one of the best ways to take out whatever frustrations you have.  This time, it is at the gym, and not where you live.

Yoga Classes

This is what I would personally choose since the practice is focused heavily on being able to control your mind and body in unison.  The goal is to reach balance and continue developing strength and flexibility.  

Some practitioners tend to take a more spiritual look to their yoga, however, that doesn’t have to be your approach.

More often than not, there’s a yoga studio anywhere you look.  At least one.  If going into a studio isn’t your thing then look for yoga videos on YouTube that are going to fit your schedule and knowledge level.  

One of the best people to use to build up your yoga skills is Adriene.  She has many years of experience with tons of different classes meant for any and all levels.


For many people, reading is a way to escape the very front of mind reality that we all have to face.  As a nurse, there is a different and at times more harsh reality that you have to focus on.  This is why disassociating for a little bit with a good book or a good game can help you process the day.

As to what kinds of books, there is actually where you want to be careful.  There are books that are simply brain candy, those that get you into a different world, and books that are just too advanced to attempt to relax.  

If quantum physics is what helps you relax, then you do you.

Generally speaking, fanciful books are going to be a great way to mentally allow yourself to be in another space.  I will say though, a well written biography can sometimes be just as interesting as fictional work.

Take Periodic Vacations

If you are traveling and taking care of your housing by using Travelers Haven, then you probably are very familiar with their system.  If not, Traveler’s Haven is able to find housing for traveling individuals, nomadic peoples, and traveling nurses! 

They take the busy work out of finding a place to stay and they can also help you find a vacation spot.  

If you are looking for something more along the lines of a staycation in your current city, then perhaps it will be easier to instead find a local cottage, go camping, or stay in a hotel for a little bit for a change of scenery.  A vacation is a vacation if you are able to have fun and relax!


Decreasing stress is such a personal thing that it can be difficult to generalize.  For years, the items in this list have proven helpful time and time again.  As you go into work today, take a moment to think about what you could do to decrease your fatigue today.  Are you going to try one of these tips out?

Let us know in the comments below!

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