Gallons to Liters

How to Convert Gallons to Liters?

The SI metric system is used all over the world. Its basic units of measurement are the meter for length, the second for time, and the gram for weight. But, the volume is measured either in liters or in cubic meters. Not all countries are included in this metric system; their units of measurement are different. To avoid confusion, you need to know other measures.

How much, for example, is one liter for an Englishman or an American? Let’s try to figure this out. After all, the British are accustomed to measuring gasoline, beer, and other liquids not in glasses or glasses but in pints and gallons. And if you decide to visit countries where the metric system has never been used, then it is better to understand all the intricacies of units of measurement in advance.

Historical reference

The gallon originally originated from the definition of eight pounds of wheat. Later, other varieties of volume units appeared, for example, a pint. In 1707, America began to use the British wine gallon, which is 231 cubic inches. It was recognized as the main one for measuring liquid substances. The British dry gallon and the American liquid pint soon arose. It became a unit for measuring the volume of bulk solids and is called the American dry pint.

Reform and unification were approved by the British Parliament about two centuries ago, namely in 1824. As a result, all types were replaced by one unit: the imperial gallon. Ten pounds of distilled water at 62 degrees Fahrenheit is its real value. This is 277.42 cu. Inches.

Its historical name comes from the French unit “liter.” It was used to measure bulk solids. Its value was less than a modern liter and was about 830 grams. The name “citron” originates from the coin of that time – LITRA. This coin was made of a server with a corresponding weight – about 830 grams.

Most likely, the name of this coin came from the Sicilian coin “libra.” When the Greeks captured Sicily, they used the name for their money under the guise of “LITRA.” In addition, there was also a unit for measuring the volume of “libra.” And the Roman word “libra” meant scales.

How to convert gallons (US) to liters?

Calculating on your own using manual methods, there are better ideas than fuel consumption. Especially when the values are given in an unusual calculation system for us, so to convert the number of miles per gallon to liters per kilometer, you will need to simultaneously present each value in the metric system that is familiar to us and only after that, perform the basic mathematical calculation operations.

convert gallons (US) to liters

The gallon and liter are units of volume (usually liquids). The gallon is part of the obsolete English system of measures, and the liter is a non-systemic metric unit (it can be used along with SI units). To convert gallons to liters, you need to know the conversion factor. Some online calculators quickly convert gallons to liters (and vice versa). Moreover, you can convert gallons to liters on a good graphing calculator.

There are situations when you urgently need to convert the value of the volume from one unit of the metric system to another or the American system. To save time searching for a conversion formula and making manual calculations, we recommend using the online converter from

To convert 1 gallon to liter, enter the number (volume value) you want to convert. After this simple step, you will determine how many liters are in the number of US gallons you specified.

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