How A PDF Redaction Tool Can Secure Documents

How A PDF Redaction Tool Can Secure Documents?

At some point in your life, you must have come across a document with a black box or rectangle blocking out a piece of information on a file. This black box is a typical example of a redaction.

Sometimes, the information contained in some parts of a document is too sensitive to be released to the public. This confidential information could include anything from personal data to company trade secrets, and would have to be blacked out.

Initially, people did this action manually on physical documents. But the switch to digital file formats has made a PDF redaction tool necessary.

Earlier attempts at a document redaction tool were easily bypassed by copying the text, and pasting it elsewhere. That created a problem for companies and governmental agencies with classified information. Developers solved this problem eventually with the emergence of advanced pdf programs.

With these PDF software for edits, you can use more secure PDF tools to protect your files and confidential information. Sadly, we still find organizations having redaction problems because they fail to use these PDF programs.

PDFs Are Electronic Documents, Different From Physical Files

As an organization, you must have noticed the importance of digital papers. PDF online texts are modifiable files you can alter with a PDF editing program. You can now have certain things done on your original file before sharing it.

The redact pdf free software for this cause is very useful, but if your hidden texts are highly confidential, you should consider purchasing a paid PDF reader online. The basic document redaction tool is insufficient to give maximum security for files and concealed data.

Notable firms and government bodies have released files with private information that they did not properly protect with an authentic PDF redaction tool. Most redact pdf free software have their concealing box removed by simple ‘copy and paste’ action.

It is an easy trick. Once you copy all the text in the secured file and then paste it into a PDF viewer online with basic features, you will find all data displayed, including the protected text. Programs with the PDF redaction tool for digital documents had to be upgraded to handle this issue.

Redacting Content From Electronic Documents

PDF programs offering authentic features for protecting sensitive information have varying approaches toward data security. But one standard action in the process involves removing the highlighted text to be concealed.

This action would prevent any form of exposure to the concealed text. All PDF viewer online programs with this feature have unique technology that they use to bring about data security.

They find a way to remove the hidden text from the content, not just masking it up with a marker, and this works on all pdf online documents. These PDF software also eliminate concealed graphic images while providing certain features to ease your experience.

These features include service functionality, full-page protection, and a redaction process on multiple pages. Try not to be discouraged by the prices put up by these PDF software.

Your documents will have more significant implications for you and your company if your confidential data are leaked. The goal is to protect our sensitive data at all costs from hackers.

Using PDF Redaction Tools On Lumin

One of the best ways to achieve data security is by utilizing a brilliant PDF editing program, like the Lumin PDF editor, for your files. They use the programming interface for software to perform notable redaction processes within their application or website.

Below are easy steps to use the document redaction tool on the Lumin website.

  • Log back into your account on Lumin. If you don’t have an account, Hit ‘create,’ and you should have one in a minute.
  • Locate the file you wish to conceal some of its information and open it on the workspace.
  • Click on the redaction tool.
  • Locate the area or text you wish to conceal. Highlight it by clicking and moving the cursor from the top of the text.
  • A toolbar is seen under the selected area. After selecting, click on the ‘tick’ sign on the toolbar.
  • A confirmation message pops up so you can confirm your selected text. Click ‘Apply’ if you are proceeding.
  • The page refreshes, and your selected text becomes protected.
  • The confirmatory signal ensures everything is done right because once ‘Apply’ is clicked, you can’t undo the action. Lumin editor removes all forms of the text, and none of the content is revealed when the whole file is copied to a PDF reader online.
  • Remember that you still have the original file saved on your computer, so the edit will create a new file for you to disseminate. You can restart the process if you make a mistake with the first run.

Redact Your Documents The Right Way

It would help if you were considering the best PDF tools for your documents and data security. One wrong exposure of your financial document can cost you lots of money. And as you progress, there will be one or two areas where you need to apply for strict data protection.

Be sure to choose the best editors developed to grant users maximum confidentiality on the texts that need to be hidden. The best ones have a PDF viewer online, so you can confirm your edit, prevent embarrassment, and cut out costly mistakes.

The Lumin toolkit is a brilliant PDF editor that gives users the best data security. They are designed with different workflows, and PDF tool sets to help you run the best edits on your documents. The program is open to enterprises, and you will get the best services from them.

The best thing about LuminPDF is the fact that you can gain access to this PDF reader online without paying through the free plan. However, the document redaction tool would require upgrading to a Business or Enterprise plan. But don’t fret, these packages are priced very affordably.

Check us out today, and let’s get started with your pdf redaction.

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