Make Extra Cash Selling Your Home Goods

Here’s How to Make Extra Cash Selling Your Home Goods?

Are you looking for ways to make extra cash by selling your home goods? Why throw away relatively small items from your home that no longer make you happy when you can sell them for a little additional money? Also, it provides a great reason for replacing the items with new ones. We’ve gathered the top online marketplaces where you may post small home products, whether you want to sell a slightly used china set or get rid of a piece of decor that doesn’t go with your current aesthetic. Here are some tips on how to make extra cash by selling your home goods.


If you only have a few fashionable items to sell, Chairish is the site for you. While large things like tables and bar stools can be listed, there is a whole section for décor that includes everything from tablecloths to bathroom accessories. Listing things on the website is cost-free. You must take images, include information about the item, and set a price to accomplish this. Your images will subsequently be approved and edited in line with the company’s requirements. Chairish will arrange the shipment when an item sells, or you can choose local pickup and delivery.

Estate sales

If you’re looking for a more professional option, consider holding an estate sale. Estate sales are a great way to first market your goods and then sell them at good prices. They are often held in the home where the goods are being sold and are usually managed and promoted by professional estate sale businesses. Estate sale partner in Overland Park, Lawrence, and Manhattan are helping owners sell their goods easier, faster, and at good prices.


Poshmark is best for selling any home products up to 10 pounds, including cushions, drinkware, seasonal decor, cookware, and blankets, even though you might think of it as a site to sell clothes. Once you’ve created a free account, you only need to snap pictures of the thing you want to sell, write a description, select your list price, and publish it on the site. Buyers have two options: they can send you offers to try and negotiate a cheaper price, or they can just buy it straight away. Poshmark sends the seller a USPS mailing label when an item is sold. You may schedule a pick-up and order free boxes from USPS without ever leaving your house or having to pay for shipping supplies!


In the market to buy locally? The selling platforms Letgo and OfferUp are ideal for connecting with and selling to your neighbors. Home accessories and decor are among the many categories. Buyers can be simply contacted to discuss prices and arrange a meeting time and place. Also, you may view people’s profiles to see their ratings and past transactions. After installing the app and creating a free account, you may list things with pictures, descriptions, and prices. You must enter the app and designate the item as sold after a sale.


East Coast residents can benefit from selling their goods through AptDeco, particularly those in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. You may sell whatever you want by listing it for free, including drapes, coat racks, and picture frames. You must enter the item’s information and photos after creating your account. Although AptDeco will make a pricing suggestion, the final decision is yours. You will be notified when someone wishes to purchase your item, prompting you to confirm that it is still available.


Whether you want to sell oddball items, such as tablecloths, napkin rings, dinnerware, or tapestries, the traditional place to go is eBay. There are numerous categories that you can use to list things. You are permitted a free monthly listing of up to 200 items. You will be charged 35 cents per additional listing if you list more than that in a single month. Depending on what you’re selling and how much it went for, there are also final value costs. Based on the shipping method being utilized, the business will create a shipping label for you when you make a sale, which you must also pay for.

Facebook Marketplace

You may quickly sign up on Facebook and begin selling if you have an account there. You are free to list as many things as you like. You can even list your household items for free if you want to quickly get rid of them! If you intend to meet the buyer or deliver their item, you have the choice of using cash or person-to-person payment options like PayPal. With a 5 percent selling fee, you can also fulfill an order and dispatch it (or a minimum of 40 cents per order).


You may consider donating your items to charity. While you won’t make a profit from doing this, you will be able to deduct your donation from your taxes. Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that your items will be going to a good cause.


Whether you’re trying to declutter your house, or you’re looking for some extra money, there are many different outlets you can use to unload your unwanted items. No matter which option you choose, you’ll be able to make cash. Whether you list them online, hold estate sales, or donate them to a charity, you will get rid of the unwanted items fast.

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