Five ambitious trade scenarios for NBA teams in the offseason: New Orleans, Boston, Atlanta, Indiana, New York

As the offseason approaches, every NBA club dreams of strengthening their roster and getting closer to the championship trophy. Some are aiming for trades for superstars, while others are focused on addressing specific positions. In this article, we’ll look at ambitious yet realistic trade scenarios for five teams in the league in the upcoming transfer window: New Orleans, Boston, Atlanta, Indiana, and New York. And if you’re into betting and placing bets on the NBA, excellent conditions are available on the bookmaker’s website

New Orleans Pelicans: Refresh the point guard and center positions

On paper, the Pelicans look intriguing – their starting lineup with Williamson, Ingram, McCollum, Jones, and Valančiūnas has a negative net rating despite the team’s 5th place in the West. This group will remain the same due to existing contracts.

New Orleans’ dream could be to strengthen the center position by acquiring a more mobile player capable of shooting from distance than Valančiūnas. It would also be useful to relegate the 32-year-old McCollum to a secondary defensive role by signing a true point guard to bolster the offense. The Pelicans have picks from the Lakers and Bucks to build a roster around stars Williamson and Ingram.

Boston Celtics: Find another reserve while reducing luxury tax expenses

The Celtics’ roster for the next season should remain the same in the absence of a playoff collapse. Tatum, Brown, Porziņģis, White, Holiday, Horford, and Pritchard will retain their contracts. However, with the departure of Cornet and Tillman, the club could use another reserve in the rotation.

Considering the projected luxury tax of $85 million, the Celtics can’t afford expensive free agents. The team shouldn’t chase stars – the key task is to find another role player in the rotation while simultaneously reducing tax expenses. This would be close to an optimal offseason for the Celtics.

Atlanta Hawks: Keep Trae Young, build a defensive-shooting lineup

It’s surprising that the Hawks kept Dejounte Murray until the deadline, as rumors from Atlanta hinted at a desire for change. Changes are necessary for the team with a record of 29-36, possessing talent but weak defense with Young.

The question remains how long three-time All-Star Young will be patient, considering the possibility of becoming a free agent in 2026. The Hawks’ dream is to build a contender around the 25-year-old talent. Trading Murray is a failure – with star defenders playing simultaneously, the team loses an average of 5.8 points per 100 possessions.

Atlanta should put everyone except Young on the trading block, using Murray as the main bait. The goal is to assemble a lineup of defenders and shooters around the young star.

Indiana Pacers: Acquire an elite sniper

Refreshed after the deadline, the Pacers with Pascal Siakam alternate impressive road victories and sensational home defeats. After trading Buddy Hield and Bruce Brown, and adding Siakam, who has only shot 32.9% from three for his career, the team’s offense leaves much to be desired. Indiana ranks 23rd in three-pointers per game (11.7) and 20th in accuracy (35.0%) after the All-Star break.

The Pacers’ dream with Haliburton, Siakam, Turner, and Mathurin is to acquire an elite insider sniper who can complement this group and strengthen the team’s shooting prowess.

New York Knicks: Wait for an Embiid trade request

It’s no secret that the Knicks were highly interested in a possible trade for Joel Embiid from Philadelphia last summer after Harden’s trade request. The Sixers’ strong performance without Harden prevented negotiations, but much could change by the start of the new season. If Philadelphia exits the playoffs early due to Embiid’s inability to recover, the club might consider searching for a star alongside the center and Maxey. What if a worthy partner isn’t found, and they have to settle for role players?

The Knicks’ dream is to wait for Embiid’s trade request and offer a first-round pick and any player except Jalen Brunson to acquire an MVP-level center. New York is ready to take advantage of such a situation, if it arises, to acquire a franchise player for their ambitious plans.

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