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Features gameplay in Sun of Egypt 2

In the collection of adventure-themed slots Sun of Egypt 2 occupies a prominent place. Since its release in 2020, the game has not left the top of the audience and remains in demand even with the competition growing year after year.

A continuation of the famous Sun Egypt series, the 2nd installment of the game proved to be no less exciting and addictive. A slot with classic 5×3 gameplay and 25 paylines awaits you. Wilds, Scatters, multipliers, freespins and, of course, the chance to win several jackpots!

However, before you start your journey to big winnings, we suggest you to get acquainted with the features of Sun of Egypt 2 gameplay. In today’s review, we will touch on the main elements of the visual design of the game, as well as the features that will be available to you within the interface of the slot.

Well, are you ready to get to know the machine better? Then we begin.

Graphics and visual design

Sun of Egypt 2 does not boast a shouty and flashy design, but in the style of the apparatus clearly trace the main theme of the game. The interface of the slot is in orange-yellow colors and 100% embodies the “sunny” motifs that the developer intended.

The restrained background will not distract from the game: in the background you will see orange-brown desert sands and clouds of different sizes. In the center of the screen is the gameplay, also made in the appropriate color scheme. On the five reels you will find a lot of thematic symbols – pharaohs, queens, nemeses, ankhs and, of course, blazing animated Suns.

Background music

Adding to the atmosphere of the game will be the background music, full of Egyptian motifs. Do you remember the musical accompaniment of the fairy tales of 1000 and 1 Night or your favorite oriental TV series? These are the sounds that will accompany you throughout the game session.

The soundtrack is really background, it doesn’t stand out and doesn’t distract from the game. And at the same time it helps to create the atmosphere and set you in the right mood. And if the music seems too loud or you want to concentrate at some point of the game, the soundtrack is easy to control. To do this, find a special icon with a mouthpiece on the right side of the screen. With its help you can reduce or increase the volume of the background accompaniment or even turn it off for a while.

Playing field and symbols

The reels and lines are made in a concise black style, so that nothing will distract you from what is happening on the playing field. The mythological theme of the slot is reflected in the style of symbols. They can be divided into the following categories.

Card symbols:

  • J;

  • Q;

  • K;

  • A.

Thematic icons related to the theme of the game:

  • nemeses;

  • eye of the god Ra;

  • ankh;

  • Egyptian queen.

Special and bonus symbols:

  • Wild – is made in the form of an image of the pharaoh. It can be caught on all the reels;

  • Scatter – represents a red pot of gold. Look for it on the second, third and fourth reels;

  • Bonus – a burning sun, whose animated glow you definitely won’t miss.

Balance and bet control

At the bottom of the screen there are important parameters of game control. First of all, this is your current balance. You can track its change with each new spin.

It also displays the size of your winnings and the amount of your bet. If desired, you can easily change it in the settings. To do this in the lower right corner find the button with the image of a stack of white coins. Clicking on it, you will see 21 available bet options, starting from the minimum amount of 0.25 coins and ending with the upper limit of 100 coins. You can choose any bet size from those offered: 0.50, 1.25, 4, 7.50, 15.00, 40.00, 60.00 and so on.

Rules and Payout Table

Another important control element of Sun of Egypt 2 is located in the upper right corner of the display. An icon depicting three horizontal lines will give you access to the slot rules and payout table.

Here you will find:

  • a detailed description of all the basic symbols of the slot;

  • payout table for them;

  • description of the principle of special symbols Wild, Scatter and Bonus, as well as the rules of their activation;

  • ways to get free spins in the game, as well as the number of spins you can count on;

  • features of the bonus game;

  • jackpot rules.

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