Consulting a car accident attorney in Tyrone: Don’t miss these tips

Besides the physical pain, the emotional trauma of a car accident can be hard to endure, especially when the mishap is someone’s fault. If you suffered the consequences of such a crash in Tyrone, you need to consider all relevant aspects before filing a claim. Georgia follows the typical “fault”-based system for such situations, and therefore, if the other party was liable for the situation, they are equally responsible for the losses caused to others. When you are also at fault, you can recover compensation from a party who was more to blame than you. That is called the modified comparative fault rule. Regardless of the circumstances, consider consulting a car accident attorney at the earliest, and we have a few tips below for your help.

Take everything pertaining to the claim

There are a few essentials that you must carry with you when meeting an injury lawyer. The list includes your medical file related to the accident, evidence from the scene, a copy of the police report (if you have it), the cost of vehicle repairs, and other notes. Keep in mind that an attorney can only offer an objective overview of your car accident claim when they see the essential details.

Share what you remember

Being upfront and forthcoming with an injury lawyer is another aspect that victims often ignore. A lawyer will eventually investigate the car accident to uncover evidence and facts that will help find fault and liability. If you were liable for the mishap in any manner and decided not to share these details, you are only weakening the case. Do your part as a client.

Ask relevant questions

As a prospective client who is about to hire an attorney, you can ask questions about their work and your claim. Include the following at the least –

  1. What is your experience as a car accident lawyer in particular?
  2. Do you have an office in Tyrone?
  3. Will you work on the case personally? If not, can I meet your associate?
  4. What is my claim worth?
  5. What factors can impact the final settlement?
  6. Do you expect the case to end up in litigation? If yes, do you have trial experience?
  7. How much will it cost to hire you?
  8. What expenses are my responsibility? Do I need to pay now?
  9. How can I communicate with you? Do you respond to emails and calls?
  10. What is your initial impression of my car accident claim?

Make a list of potential lawyers now!

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