Bicycle Accident 

Common Misconceptions About Bicycle Accident 

When people hear the term “bicycle accident,” they do not usually think of something devastating. However, certain bicycle accidents that happen due to collisions with passenger cars or trucks can cause severe injuries, trauma, and even death. Bicyclists always have to compete with bigger vehicles on the road. The other vehicles must be considerate and responsible. 

If you or your loved one was injured by a motor vehicle on the road while you or they were on their bicycle, you must seek legal consultation from a personal injury lawyer in Cedar Rapids. You should not let someone get away with causing you harm and losses of potentially thousands of dollars. 

Common misconceptions about bicycle accidents

  • Bicyclists do not belong on the road. 

Many drivers blame cyclists for sharing the same road. This is, in fact, wrong. Bicyclists are able to share the road with bigger vehicles and go with the traffic flow. In some states, the bicycle lane is considered unsafe, causing them to go for the sidewalks instead. However, bicyclists are as entitled to the road as any other vehicle. 

  • It is always bicyclist’s fault.

It is a common misconception that bicycle riders are always the cause of accidents, as they do not need to follow as much traffic as motor vehicles. This is untrue. The law applies to every vehicle, and bicyclists are also bound by the law. In most bicycle-vehicle collisions, motorcyclists are found to be at fault as they fail to look for the coming riders. 

  • Medication is required only for severe injuries. 

A collision between a bicycle and a motor vehicle often leads to catastrophic injuries to the bicyclists. The bicycle is unable to provide protection to the rider like a car frame. Injuries caused by such accidents are of a serious nature and may result in broken limbs, jaws, teeth, broken spinal cords, and so on. 

In some cases, it can lead to a painful death. Fortunately, if you manage to walk away from the scene safely, do not delay getting medical treatment in order to safeguard your health and legal claim. 

  • No helmet means no compensation. 

Every bicyclist under the age of 16 is required to wear a helmet while riding. It is recommended for adults as well. Surprisingly, 36% of bicycle riders refuse to wear a helmet despite knowing the significant risks it can cause them. A helmet absorbs the impact of a crash and provides protection for your head. 

However, it is still legally wrong to say, “No helmet means no compensation.” While your compensation amount may be affected, you won’t lose your right to file a claim. 

Hire an attorney today. 

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