Chicago Travel: How to Find the Best Food

The recent COVID-19 pandemic hurt the travel and hospitality industry, including many restaurants. However, like many cities, Chicago travel is making a real comeback!

Compared to 2020, Chicago boasted an 86% increase in travelers in 2021, totaling approximately 30.7 million domestic and international travelers.

There are many reasons to love visiting The Windy City. Unique sandwiches, fine dining, and the famous Chicago Dog are all top-notch Chicago eats. However, with real Chicago food, you do not want to miss out on their legendary deep-dish pizza.

If you are planning a Chicago trip soon, these are the food spots to hit up.

Places to Eat Deep-Dish Pizza

For Chicago travelers, tasting the amazing deep-dish pizza that Chicago restaurants offer is a rite of passage for arriving in this great city. Get yourself some mild mozzarella and sweet red sauce at Bartoli’s on top of their light, flaky crust.

If you are heading on a trip along the lake, check out the Art of Pizza, which serves stuffed pizza. They also cut you an individual slice if you are walking on the go.

After eating some amazing Chicago deep-dish pizza, check these unique escape rooms.

Chicago Dog Food Spots

In Chicago, it is no ordinary hot dog. Here, you get the “Chicago Dog.”

What exactly is a Chicago Dog? Well, glad you asked!

A Chicago Dog starts with Vienna beef, and it must be on a white bun that is steamed. Then, top it with relish, onions, tomato, jalapeno peppers, mustard, and a pickled gherkin. In Chicago, you never, ever add ketchup to a hot dog!

In Bucktown, stop by George’s Hot Dogs, where they have been serving up Chicago Dogs to tourists since 1948.

Chicago Italian Beef Sandwiches

This is a staple of Chicago history. Italian immigrants began the Italian beef tradition as it was a way to feed a large gathering at a low cost.

Check out the Chicago eats at Al’s Italian Beef where you can get Italian beef the way you want it. They will get a fabulous sandwich wet or dipped, and you can choose to add hot or sweet peppers if your heart desires.

Best Chicago Places to Eat

When you are choosing the best Chicago eats, you could go by the neighborhood. One great neighborhood to stop by is Chinatown. This neighborhood has a reputation for being home to Chicago’s Chinese immigrants.

Because of this, Chinatown is full of Asia restaurants. What is the best restaurant in Chinatown, though? There are a couple that stands out, like MingHin Cuisine for dim sun and Lao Sze Chuan.

While in Chinatown, you can also visit their Richland Center Food Court.

Chicago Travel

A great way to celebrate life and the world around you is to explore new cities. Chicago travel is at the top of the list of interesting cities to explore.

We are always posting intriguing advice about entertainment and lifestyle. Live your best life! Don’t leave, keep clicking and read about many other ways you can have fun and enjoy life.

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