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Best Betting Affiliate Programs in India: Choosing Wisely

The expansion of online sports betting sparks a heightened demand for collaborative partnership programs tailored for bookmakers. As a testament to the industry’s robust growth, bookmakers witnessed an impressive average of over $1 billion in bets on each World Cup match in 2022. Consider the intriguing prospect that a substantial portion, ranging from 15% to 40% of this colossal sum, was disbursed to partners instrumental in attracting and engaging players to partake in this thrilling world.

Earnings From the Affiliate Program

Your earnings mainly depend on three factors:

  • Traffic source. Different sources generally assume different quality and volumes.
  • Models of work. Affiliates can receive one-time payments under the CPA model or ongoing commissions on each lost bet under the RevShare or Hybrid model on the bookmaker’s website.
  • Selected GEO. The average income per player can vary from $30 to $1000, depending on the selected GEO.

Traffic Sources

You can use absolutely any traffic sources that are not prohibited by the bookmaker’s affiliate programs. https://paripesapartners.com/ Popular sources include SEO, social media, traffic arbitrage, and freemium methods.

Among the latest popular sources, we would like to mention TikTok and Telegram channels.

SEO traffic in betting is usually considered to be sites dedicated to sports, betting, or reviews of bookmakers. Such sites organically attract visitors from search engines for thematic search queries.

Models of Work

By work model, we mean precisely the model of monetary relations between the partner and the betting affiliate. There are three such models:

  • Revenue Share or RevShare.
  • CPA.
  • Hybrid.

Let’s swiftly review each category:

Revenue Share (RevShare):

RevShare emerges as the most lucrative operational model for collaborating with betting affiliates. In this framework, the players you bring are permanently associated with you, and you earn a profit from each wager they place.

Cost Per Action (CPA):

CPA, or cost per action, entails receiving a one-time payment for acquiring a player, irrespective of the deposit they make. The one-time CPA payment typically falls within the range of $20 to $400, contingent upon factors such as the brand, geographic location (GEO), and individual arrangements with the affiliate program. This model proves advantageous when immediate monetary gains are a priority.


The Hybrid model presents an optimal compromise, combining a reduced CPA payout with a diminished RevShare. With this approach, you receive a fixed payment suitable for reinvestment in ongoing projects, along with a percentage from RevShare. While regarded as one of the most favorable collaboration models, it’s important to note that not all bookmaker affiliate programs may offer this hybrid option.

Tips for Working with Betting Traffic

Prepare for significant events that are expected worldwide or in the country you work for.

This applies to both the World Championship and other world tournaments. Remember that besides football, there are dozens of different sports in hundreds of countries.

Learn terminology.

Speak to potential players in their language; this is the only way you will increase trust in your source, whether it is a betting site or a Telegram channel.

Consider the specifics of GEO.

In any country, some people are interested in betting. Study the features of your country, and pay attention to:

  • popular sports
  • payment methods
  • betting format
  • popular markets

Is it a Shame to Use Your Audience?

We cannot ignore this issue. Of course, it does not lie on the plane of common sense but rather on the plane of emotions. And if you have it, it’s at least expected. Indeed, your audience trusts you, and someone is ready to listen to you and even listen to your advice and recommendations. And do you have the right to push these people to start betting, for example? Is this moral? Isn’t that bad?

You will give yourself the answers to these questions yourself. But it would be fair to mention this: your audience has interests relevant to how you communicate with them. And you have the right to make your own decisions. Giving yourself the opportunity and idea to start something new is okay. That is why earning money from affiliate programs, such as the one suggested by PariPesa, is one of the most honest options for interacting with the audience. All this provided that you are truthful with the audience and tell the truth without luring people with false promises.

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