5 Cool EdTech Trends

5 Cool EdTech Trends: Gamification, Gadgets & Project-Based Learning

The chances are high that you are one of those students who is pioneering virtual learning and a plethora of various educational technologies like smartboards, ChatGPT, and all the interactive gadgets that help with project-based learning. If technology frightens you, many accessible and even free solutions will help you to take your studies to another level and complete things faster. Without a doubt, in dealing with complex projects, technology can easily make it even more challenging, yet many examples prove otherwise. Just think about the Hemmingway app for addressing readability issues or Memrise for language learning via gamification!

5 Cool EdTech Trends: Gamification, Gadgets & Project-Based Learning

1. Neuroscience Apps.

While there are many of them available, one of the best ones is the MentalUP Brain Games solution. It helps young students train their concentration, focus, and memory and improve daily brain processes. It helps to address visual attention and develops imagination. It will also help with essay writing and complex project-based tasks. If the problem you have got is with formatting and editing standards or you need something really challenging, consider dissertation help as a solution. Since it is not a neural network and a human type of help, you will quickly get proper help that will be precise!

  1. Microlearning Mind Maps.

Speaking of helpful gadgets, take your time to explore MindMester mind map technology. It is one of the coolest trends in education that focuses on microlearning. It helps to narrow things down and avoid exhaustion as you can brainstorm ideas and create helpful outlines based on your notes, curriculum, or ideas in your head.

  1. AI-based Learning and ChatGTP.

You may not realize it, but ChatGTP is a great way to address project-based learning tasks. You can paraphrase content, find out interesting facts fast, and receive ideas as you participate in school debates or discuss innovative ideas. Remember to double-check facts elsewhere because not every AI-based content is updated on a daily basis!

  1. Metaverse and Immersive Learning.

This is where gamification can be encountered if you take a look at things like Tactile Gloves for healthcare studies, AR glasses for education, or cyber shoes to help you move through the virtual environment. Starting with the natural motion for testing purposes to video games, it is second to none! Then we have the Wristband AR Sensors gadget, which takes virtual learning to another level as you can touch objects virtually and cooperate with other students in a live situation while performing different tasks.

  1. Augmented Reality in Tech Disciplines.

AR is truly helpful when it comes to History, Engineering, or Data Management. Since you need to create a special environment and avoid distractions, the use of Augmented Reality helps to master unknown concepts and test things in a mock test platform. It also helps to reflect before you have to write down your notes in a clearer way. Now, if you cannot cope with it or deliver things on time, essay writers will be an ideal way to submit your assignments on time and keep things narrowed down! Once you are dealing with enhanced learning, make sure to take your notes using voice recorders or apps like Dragon Dictation that will convert your speech to text! It will save you time and speed things up!

Why Project-Based Learning Matters

The use of technology in education has made it possible for students to work in groups and progress based on projects that can address the skills of learners on an individual basis. It also helps to integrate computer-based learning into the classic curriculum to help students stay organized and communicate more beyond textbooks. It also helps to improve socio-cultural skills and stay in control of what one learns. It provides a framework for flexible pedagogy methods and makes it easier to collect data based on various evaluations and tests, both in single and group activities.


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