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2K24 ProPLAY Guide: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Not only EA SPORTS FC 24 is in the starting blocks, NBA 2K24 will also be released in September. The driving force behind the innovations is ProPLAY, which is intended to take the game to a new level.

NBA 2K’s gameplay director Mike Wang wants to usher in nothing less than “a new era of authenticity”. The driving force and one of the key features of NBA 2K24 is ProPLAY. In the Courtside Report, Wang explains, “The shots, movements – every time the player moves off the field -, dribbles, rebounds, blocks, passes and free throws feel different in NBA 2K24 New Gen because they are in Real-time scenarios.”

This should make the animations run more smoothly in the future – certain movements in the process will no longer be choppy. “Previous versions of NBA 2K offered a variety of dribble packages and unique jump shots, but a contorted, athletic layup under the basket wasn’t previously possible,” says Wang.

NBA 2K24 ProPLAY: From signature moves to the smallest detail

The experienced NBA eye could in the future “recognize Kevin Durant’s unique jump shots and free throws” – or “Steph Curry’s explosive dribbling movements”. ProPLAY makes “the game look and feel more believable. It reduces the number of breaks in authenticity.” In general, there are new animations for jumpshots, dunks, layups, dribbles, passes, and the aforementioned signature moves, both defensively and offensively.

The new ProPLAY, which replaces the previous motion capturing, should also take effect with “inconspicuous movements”. As a result, even the smallest details should be reproduced authentically. Kick-off for the anniversary edition – NBA 2K celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2023 – is September 8th. A few weeks ago it was announced that Kobe Bryant, who died in 2020, would become the cover star of the basketball simulation. In addition, for the first time there is a limited anniversary edition with various extra content including NBA 2K24 MT and Player Packs, but also with a proud price.

What is ProPLAY in NBA 2K24 & How Does It Work?

Introducing its first appearance in NBA 2K24, ProPLAY emerges as an innovative technology that converts real NBA gameplay footage directly into in-game animations. Conventionally, NBA 2K and most other well-known sports games have heavily leaned on motion capture for their animation creation. However, based on the current showcase of the ProPLAY functionality, there seems to be a promising potential for this technology to enhance the game’s authenticity and realism. This arises from the seamless and precise chaining of animations, offering a heightened level of fluidity and accuracy.

Regrettably, ProPLAY’s accessibility is reportedly limited to the new-generation iteration of NBA 2K24. Yet, for those engaged with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, the impact will likely be palpable during instances of contested stepbacks, acrobatic layups, or even routine actions such as passing the ball or engaging in defense. To elaborate, ProPLAY will usher in a fresh array of animations encompassing jump shots, dunks, layups, free throws, off-ball maneuvers, dribble techniques, rebounds, blocks, and passes.

NBA 2K24 is set to introduce a range of exciting enhancements, including fresh dribble breakdowns. The ProPLAY feature will further elevate the experience by amplifying the effectiveness of new dribble combinations. Visual Concepts has also given a makeover to Adrenaline boosts, heightening their impact both when you possess them and when they’re lost during gameplay. Additionally, the game will allow you to seamlessly deploy your Takeover abilities, granting you greater command over the dynamic and explosive gameplay in NBA 2K24. It all adds up to an impressive array of features, doesn’t it?

Simply put, ProPlay represents a novel approach by NBA 2K developers to incorporate authentic NBA footage directly into the game. In the past, enhancing animations involved bringing players into motion capture studios, but now, real-world data can swiftly be integrated into NBA 2K24, potentially elevating the overall lifelike feel of the experience. The enhancements introduced by ProPlay will have a widespread impact on the game, refining elements ranging from jump shots to dribble techniques. Should it operate as intended by 2K, this iteration has the potential to stand as the most true-to-life version in the series’ history.

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